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My Strange Addiction

TLC - 9pm

Who's in it?

Meet the lady who munches on brick dust in the return of the series that will make you feel very normal indeed.

In a nutshell

“I’ve always got to have it,” says 20-something English lady Patrice. Is she talking about ice cream? Chocolate? Pickled onion flavour Monster Munch? Not a bit of it. The snack which Patrice just keeps going back to is brick dust. That’s not some trendy new snack being marketed in an East London pop-up restaurant: it’s actual, literal brick dust. For some reason, Patrice is really very fond of nibbling on the stuff, and that’s not all.

Apparently, she picked up the habit from her own grandmother. It’s got so that even her husband has given up asking why, and just accepts it. On the plus side, it means the whole entire world is basically like an endless buffet to her. On the down side, it’s BRICK DUST. As if this isn’t peculiar enough, this new series opener also introduces us to a woman who is deeply in love with a fairground ride. Whoever said romance is dead?

What's the verdict?

Few programmes can render reviewers speechless, but what can anyone really say about Patrice’s obsession? Expect to have the usual clumsy analysis provided by "experts", but the fact is that anyone who doesn’t eat bricks or marry inanimate objects will never hope to understand what drives them. All we can do is watch, and gawp.

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