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Dangerous Flights

Discovery Channel - 9pm

Who's in it?

Captain Randy may sound like a character played by Sid James in the late 60s, but he's actually one of the daredevil pilots in this reality series about crazy people in small planes. That's not technically their job description, but it very much should be.

In a nutshell

Ah yes, here's another reality series in the fine tradition of Ice Road Truckers, Ax Men and other documentaries about occupations which come with a middling-to-severe risk of sudden maiming and/or death. In this one, we're up in the sky with Cory and Captain Randy, two pilots who make a good buck delivering private planes to various people around the world. Doesn't sound so bad, you might think. Except their destinations are often jungles, warzones, deserts and other places you really don't want to be landing your small, easily-broken plane in.

Plus, these planes really aren't designed for such long haul journeys, making the journey itself enough to make Vin Diesel cry. The marketing hype likens it all to a "wild west of the skies", and they seem to have a point – if you're the kind of person who gets a bit antsy when you hit some turbulence on your way to the Costas, wait till you see what these guys have to deal with.

What's the verdict?

With fresh meat arriving in the form of a rookie pilot (who happens to be the daughter of an existing crew-person), the new season of Dangerous Flights should get off to a suitably turbulent start. Sick bags at the ready...

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