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UFO: Alien Invasion

National Geographic - 9pm

Who's in it?

UFOs. Are they just Photoshopped frisbees, or gleaming galactic behemoths transporting other intelligences to our planet? No prizes for guessing which way the eyewitnesses on this show are veering.

In a nutshell

One common and rather amusing retort to UFO stories is this: how come these incredibly intelligent aliens travel millions of light years across the cosmos, in ships so staggeringly high-tech we can't even begin to imagine how they've been built, and when they eventually reach our planet they spend all their time playing peek-a-boo with lonely farmers and wandering hitchhikers and other people out in the most remote areas imaginable? How come they don't just land in the middle of London, waving hello?

Well, this programme won't be answering THAT question, because it's full of quintessential "aliens in the middle of nowhere stories". Which, while eerie, don't exactly demand to be taken seriously. That said, the locations are a little more exotic than usual, including the war-torn jungles of the Vietnam conflict, where both US and Viet Cong fighters were seriously spooked by weird lights. We'll also hear about the New Zealand UFOs which freaked out pilots, and the floating fireballs which veered past a police helicopter here in the UK.

What's the verdict?

Armchair Mulders will love this stuff, but their Scully-like counterparts may scoff. Either way, it makes for pretty gripping telly. As the guy at the end of that B-movie said, "Keep watching the skies!"

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