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BBC One - 9pm

Who's in it?

People of Britain, prepare to weep into your ‘kerchiefs (or whatever they had in Poldark’s day). Because Aidan Turner is about to remove his abs from our TV screens for a whole year or so.

In a nutshell

You’ve got to hand it to Poldark. There’s not many TV shows that can make smelting into a really gripping plot-point. But then that’s the genius of the thing: huge swathes of it are, on paper, pretty dull. This isn’t one of those period dramas that’s about epic historical events, or major seismic changes in society. It’s about nice looking people plodding around bits of countryside, in perfect lighting, as sunlight melts over rippling waters. In other words, Poldark has been a perfect, machine-tooled example of Sunday programming at its most soothing. Well, we say “soothing” – that’s not quite right, given the hyperventilating which takes place among a good propotion of viewers whenever Aidan Turner takes his top off. Let’s face it, that’s where this version of Poldark has the edge over the 70s original: it has an ensemble of extra star players. Six of them to be precise: Aidan’s abs. Expect to get a final flash tonight, as the first series comes to an end with… yes, more twists and turns in the smelting storyline, George having an issue on the high seas, and a terrible epidemic hitting the town….

What's the verdict?

Well, the Beeb must be beside themselves at the success of Poldark. Finally, the sight of Colin Firth in dripping white shirt has a rival, in the “period drama hunk” stakes. Expect plenty more Cornish adventures for years to come…

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