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Posh People: Inside Tatler

BBC Two - 9pm

Who's in it?

People with names like Gavanndra, Sophia and Tibbs let us into the gilded universe of Tatler, the magazine of choice for royals, millionaires, politicians and people with names like Gavanndra, Sophia and Tibbs.

In a nutshell

Flick through the pages of Tatler and you enter a parallel universe. One in which food banks, short term loans, 9-to-5 jobs and Lidl don't exist. A universe where all the men have floppy Disney hero hair, all the women own jodhpurs, and everyone's on at least nodding terms with Prince Harry. It's a universe that most ordinary people regard with a mixture of amusement, envy, ridicule and contempt – but what's it REALLY like to be one of the Tatlerati?

Well, this programme promises to find out, going beyond the cartoonish stereotypes to find… well, cartoonish stereotypes. One of the people featured actually has money in her NAME, for goodness sake: Sophia Money-Coutts. Then there's editor Kate Reardon, who calls herself a "honking great Sloane". It's starting to sound like a really bad sitcom written by an embittered Socialist weeping in his bedsit, doesn't it? Oh, and we'll also be meeting the castle-owning Earl of Glasgow and a Nigerian millionaire who has literally forgotten how many cars he owns. Tally ho!

What's the verdict?

It's easy to sneer at Tatler and its diamond-lined little world, but could this series actually let us see the real people behind the society pages? Or will they all come across as frothy and frivolous as overflowing glasses of Bolly? Either way, this'll be a programme that'll be enjoyably enlightening, or enjoyably annoying, or both. Chin chin!

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