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Are Our Kids Tough Enough?

BBC Two - 9pm

Who's in it?

A whole load of kids and a squadron of very serious teachers face off against each other in this social experiment/voyeuristic madhouse of a show.

In a nutshell

Kids these days, eh? Lazy, apathetic, lazy, impatient and above all: lazy. And as for school. Not like it was in our day, eh? They probably spend maths lessons playing… number games on games consoles. And English lessons reading… X-Men comics. Pah. School these days. No wonder we’re raising a generation of softies. Well, if you’ve ever had such cranky, knee-jerky opinions creep into your brain, this is the show for you.

Yes, your prayers have been answered, because one school in Hampshire – a good, over-achieving school at that – is about to get a dose of rigid Chinese educational discipline. A group of teachers are coming in from the Far East to install a new regime that would have your average liberal Guardian-reading teacher choking on their herbal tea. They will unashamedly encourage competition and ambition, forcing the kids to knuckle down and get knowledge into their heads. That’s if the kids will let them – because these scamps won’t be giving in without a fight.

What's the verdict?

This documentary promises to tackle gigantic questions like where we’re headed as a nation and how our next few generations will compete on the global stage against our more driven rivals. But really it’s more likely to be just another enjoyably divisive docusoap with lots of talking head interviews and shots of children raising hell in classrooms. Definitely more entertaining than Double Geography though.

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