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Meet the Sloths

TLC - 10pm

Who's in it?

The wonderful women running a Costa Rican sloth sanctuary let us into their world tonight. Prepare to pretty much swoon from cuteness overload, is all we're saying.

In a nutshell

Cats may have the monopoly on squeeee-inducing Internet gifs, but you may find your allegiance swayed when you see sloths in action. Or rather, sloths in inaction. They don't do all that much. Clue's in the name, really: they're sloths. And they're as lazy as, well, sloths. But that's OK, because they look just so darned cute doing nothing at all.

Part of the appeal of sloths is their naturally smiling faces, dolphin-like in their automatic affability. Also, their squidgy eyes and button noses and adorably docile, dopey ways. The sight of one would make Vinny Jones come over all gooey. And the ones featured in this documentary are even sweeter, because they're all orphans, or injured, or injured orphans. You may also be surprised at the intricacies of their relationships, with rivalries and love stories and the occasional thrilling rescue all unfolding at the Costa Rican sloth sanctuary.

What's the verdict?

A kind of slothy soap opera, this will win over just about everyone who watches. Forget meerkats and kittens, it's time to (literally) hang around with these cute critters for a good long while.

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