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The Singer Takes It All

Channel 4 - 9pm

Who's in it?

Who's loud enough to make themselves heard above the wailing and screeching of wannabe Beyonces? Alan Carr, of course. Have your earplugs at the ready.

In a nutshell

Don't worry, this isn't yet another talent show. Well, it is, but it's not some overblown, mega-hyped, tear-jerking celeb-circus in search of the next bona fide singing sensation. This one's strictly for the lolz, playing up the cringe factor and giving audiences at home the power of Roman emperors. By which we mean, people can up-vote and down-vote the contestants in real time, sending them to victory or oblivion in front of our very eyes.

And it will all happen as the singers are literally passed before us on a conveyor belt. Yes, much as it sounds like a satirically silly gameshow you'd see on The Simpsons, that's actually what happens here. People will desperately perform on a giant conveyor belt as we vote yay or nay via the special App. Humiliation awaits for the losers, while the winner will get a cash prize. No record deals here – like we say, it's all for the chuckles. Take that, Simon Cowell.

What's the verdict?

This sounds like it'll be perfect Friday night fun – essentially, it's a karaoke contest, only in an big shiny set rather than a manky pub. And after the pompous shenanigans of The Voice and The X Factor, that's certainly music to our ears.

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