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I Almost Got Away With It

Quest - 9pm

Who's in it?

Expect lots of frantic running around and the occasional gun being waved in the occasional face as the sorry (but televisually thrilling) saga of Marshall Brown is told.

In a nutshell

Ah yes, it’s yet another one of those morally questionable, sinfully sensationalist but altogether engrossing true crime shows. This one has two things going for it: first, a brilliantly cheesy title, and second, a genuinely gripping formula to each episode. What you basically get is a condensed life story of an outlaw on the run, and the various escapades they get into as they basically go about their business as if it’s the Wild West.

Tonight’s episode is about a guy called Marshall Brown, who committed his first contract killing at the tender age of 19. Embedded in the dark, dank underbelly of the drugs scene in North Carolina, he went on the run but got sold out by an informer, landing himself in prison for 16 years. But that’s not where the story ends… oh, no. He then ESCAPED and promptly went right back to the business of killing, leading to a Jesse James-like manhunt by the hapless authorities. Watch and gawp.

What's the verdict?

Imagine if a Crimewatch reconstruction was crossed with a Hollywood thriller: that’s what this show is sort of like. And just in case you’re already scoffing, we defy you to switch channels once you start watching…

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