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Great White Eaten Alive

National Geographic - 9pm

Who's in it?

What could possibly eat a great white shark? Glad you asked that question, because some of the finest ocean-bothering minds are on the case.

In a nutshell

Yes, we know that the movie Jaws was evil anti-shark propaganda, and that these fine beasts are in reality OUR victims, and that humans are the most contemptible predators on the planet. But that wouldn't really count for much if you were, say, coming face to face with the business end of a great white while swimming off the shore of Australia. At that point, there would only be one "apex predator" in attendance, and it wouldn't be you. It would be the thing eating several of your limbs.

Great white sharks pretty much rule the roost, as far as the ocean ecosystem goes. There's not much that contend with them, in terms of brute strength, jaggedy teeth and violence. They're basically meat-missiles. Which is why scientists were mystified when they found evidence that a great white was somehow consumed by an even larger animal. What was this mystery monster? Where did it come from? And just how much should we panic?

What's the verdict?

You've got to love the no-nonsense title of this show. Great White Eaten Alive. It really gets to the meat of the matter, and frankly we want to know more. It won't make us any less scared of great whites, though.

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