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Gypsy Sisters

TLC - 9pm

Who's in it?

Ever wondered what a belly dance themed birthday party would look like? You're about to find out, courtesy of Kayla, Sissy and the rest of the reality show regulars.

In a nutshell

Gyspy shows have fallen out of fashion in the UK. There was a time when you couldn't channel hop for five seconds without your eyes colliding against a mahogany-tanned 16 year old in a meringue-shaped wedding dress, while her spotty teenage hubby gawped helplessly in the background. But, like other TV fads – like Roland Rat and programmes featuring Dom Joly – the gypsy thing seems to have petered out.

But don't worry, the Yanks – late to the party – are carrying on full speed ahead with their own garish spin-offs of Gypsy Weddings. This one's about a gaggle of girls obsessed with tanning, shoe shopping and pole dancing – and getting into catty scrapes in front of voyeuristic TV cameras. Which is great news for fans of that sort of thing, and in this new series opener we've got two of the ladies back at each other's throats just when they thought they'd reconciled, and a belly dancing party. Which we're sure will be extremely dignified.

What's the verdict?

The TV equivalent of a dirty kebab at 1am (complete with the feeling of bleary, dirty exhaustion after), you won't want to watch this, but you will. You'll watch the hell out of it, and every episode after. We won't tell if you won't.

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