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Walking Through History

Channel 4 - 8pm

Who's in it?

Tony Robinson has got his walking boots and sensible outdoor gear on again, as he once again trudges out to explore the history of things we didn't realise we were curious about. But we are. Take it away, Tony.

In a nutshell

A TV show about hiking. Now there's a pitch that will get nobody's heart racing. Not even if you're actually into hiking, because you'll probably be too busy out hiking. But if there's one thing Tony Robinson does well, it's make fairly bland subjects fascinating. Like Time Team, which is basically hours and hours of people hunched over in muddy fields, cleaning lumps of old crockery. Tony Robinson's boyish enthusiasm and earnest interest makes it all work.

That said, the new series kicks off with a blockbuster of a story – well, as blockbustery as a show like this can get, anyway. Tony's heading into Bronte country, to delve into the passionate and tragic lives of the Bronte sisters and their brother, and exploring the dark and gruelling conditions which inspired the creation of immortal romances like Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights. But given that it's Tony Robinson trudging over grass, we doubt it'll be all THAT dark.

What's the verdict?

File this one under "shows we enjoy without quite knowing why". Except we do know why: it's comfier than a pair of old slippers, and is marvellous with a tea and biscuits accompaniment. Settle into the sofa and let Tony Robinson be your guide into the past.

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