TV Highlights

Monster Island

Animal Planet - 9pm

Who's in it?

Steven, Stacy, Spike and Ivan – four guys playing Rambo – head to an Atlantic island to hunt boar in a “documentary”. The quote marks are important here.

In a nutshell

If you think Monster Island is quite an OTT title for a programme about boar hunting, just wait till you actually watch the thing. It’s got more in common with The Blair Witch Project than a natural history film, complete with plenty of night vision camera work, bizarre sounds in forests, and people running around while yelling a lot. All of which begs the question: just how genuine is all of this?

Well… if we’re being generous we’d describe it as genuine-ish. But it’s beside the point. You don’t come to Monster Island expecting a subtle and ravishing chronicle on local wildlife. You come to Monster Island for the silly pleasure of seeing beardy men rampaging through woods with torches attached to their foreheads, trying to hunt growling boar. Which, by the way, apparently have deadly microbes. Or something. Like we say, don’t question it: just enjoy.

What's the verdict?

If Bear Grylls is a little low key for you, take a trip to Monster Island and get stuck into some proper action sequences and B-movie horror thrills. It ain’t Attenborough, but it does promise a beastly good time.

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