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Let’s Play Darts for Comic Relief

BBC Two - 9pm

Who's in it?

Gabby Logan takes on hosting duties while a gaggle of celebs will make sure we get the point as they hurl darts for Comic Relief.

In a nutshell

Darts. Very probably the least glamorous major sport in the world, which is also part of its naff-retro appeal. Even the most high-end tournaments just look like you’re inexplicably watching live TV transmissions from a very rowdy pub. Of course, it takes supreme skill to get those darts to where they’re supposed to be on the board, and we’re going to go out on a limb here and suggest that the likes of Lee Mack, Bob Mortimer and Liza Tarbuck won’t be hitting the Treble 20 with unfailing accuracy.

Then again, maybe a few of these apparent amateurs are secretly well versed in the art of chucking pointy objects. And anyway, they’ll certainly be carrying on like actual professionals, taking on colourful nicknames and even having their own walk-on music. Plus, with proper darts legends teaming up with our hapless celebs, there’s bound to be a sense of real competition and even tension as the knockout rounds commence…

What's the verdict?

With the likes of Richard Osman, Tim Vine and Sean Lock also on board, this is going to be one of the more compelling (and plain weird) Comic Relief specials this year. Just remember to bellow “One hundred aaaaannnnd eighty!” whenever you possibly can.

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