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Pool Master

Discovery - 8pm

Who's in it?

We've had shows about loggers, ice road truckers, tuna fishing vessels, and people who can't drive very well. But now, at last, the one we've all been waiting for: a show about people building water features. Hey, it'll probably be fun, right?

In a nutshell

Given that it's a reality show – a genre not known for its subtlety or grace – and given that it's got the title "Pool Master", you'd be forgiven for assuming this is a show about some American action man, part Rambo part Monty Don, going around making wisecracks and building gold-plated fountains for rappers in Miami. But not a bit of it. The unlikely "Pool Master" of the title is an old gent named Anthony Archer-Wills, who looks like your jovial granddad. And acts that way too.

Apparently, Anthony was one of the first great water feature designers of the modern era, starting his craft way back in the 1960s. He's since created no fewer than 2,000 water features for gardens across the world, and he does it all with a glint in his eye and a dash of eccentricity. Perfect for telly, then, and in this first episode we'll see how he deals with his latest job: to create an "adventure swimming pool" featuring a waterfall and zip line.

What's the verdict?

While nobody was crying out for a TV programme on this subject, it's the sort of thing that'll probably be charming enough to get us watching time and again. Cosy, lovely, and a little bit inspiring – just the thing to brighten up the long nights to come.

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