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Hunters of the South Seas

BBC Two - 9pm

Who's in it?

Will Millard, the latest telly adventurer to go on exotic travelogues while we watch from the safety of the sofa, heads into the Coral Triangle tonight on BBC Two.

In a nutshell

Welcome to the “Amazon of the Seas”. And you can expect plenty of other blockbuster buzz phrases like that (probably) in this epic new travelogue starring someone called Will Millard. He’s young, he’s telegenic, and he speaks Indonesian. And he’s about to spend quality time with three very remote communities who live on the sprawling waters of the so-called Coral Triangle.

In the first episode he’ll be among the Bajau people, who go fishing the old fashioned way: with spears. He’ll also be making himself at home in their stilted abodes, and seeing how the Bajau can swim like the very fish themselves. In fact, one of the chaps he hangs out with claims not to have set foot on dry land in over three years. Blending jaw-dropping photography with intimate insights into a vanishing way of life, this is your pre-summer, pre-holiday escapism right here.

What's the verdict?

From the sounds of things, this is almost like that movie Waterworld, only with less Kevin Costner and more awesome stuff. Oh, and some bloke called Will Millard. Expect to see a lot more of him, we’ll wager.

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