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From Darkness

BBC One - 9pm

Who's in it?

Anne-Marie Duff, who’s still probably best known for Shameless (and being married to James McAvoy), reasserts her star presence in this new cop drama that’s a little on the dark side. Clue’s in the name.

In a nutshell

Yes, it’s another of the new breed of British police dramas. You know the ones: set in moody noir-ish cityscapes, where anguished characters wrestle with demons and question their own sense of morality while hunting down monstrous villains. In the wake of Luther, The Shadow Line, Line of Duty, The Fall and various others comes this latest one, which trumpets its mood in its title: From Darkness. A bit cheesy, let’s face it, but it’s intriguing. (Even if some sci-fi fans may be distracted by thoughts of Star Trek: Into Darkness).

Anyway, our anguished cop is Claire Church, who’s given up the Greater Manchester Police to live a new, peaceful live in the Western Isles. Rest assured she had very good reasons for moving on – including the casual misogyny she experienced there. But, since this isn’t a touching drama about a woman living by the sea, she’s being dragged back to her former beat, facing questions when corpses linked to a previous investigation are found…

What's the verdict?

Moody and thoughtful, From Darkness certainly promises to be a cut above a regular whodunit, and Anne-Marie Duff looks perfectly cast as the haunted detective forced to confront her past. A must-watch for crime buffs.

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