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Criminal Minds

Sky Living - 9pm

Who's in it?

Guess who's joining the Criminal Minds team? Go on, guess. Actually don't bother, because it's incredibly unlikely. The answer is Jennifer Love Hewitt – that's right, she's still a famous person, apparently, and now she'll be cracking the grisliest crimes on telly. Told you it was unlikely.

In a nutshell

Remember when Jennifer Love Hewitt was a thing? Well glory be, those days are here again, because in the unlikeliest bit of casting since Denise Richards played a nuclear scientist in that Bond film, Ms Love Hewitt is joining this dark crime drama as a genius-level psychologist with the kind of insight into bad, bad people that Will Graham might envy. Speaking of Will Graham, do shows like Criminal Minds – you know, case-of-the-week procedurals which stick to a stock formula – still have that much appeal to those of us who've got hooked on more ambitious fare like Hannibal, or True Detective?

Sure they do. What they lack in complexity they make up for in twists, turns, thrills, spills, and – in the case of Criminal Minds – rivetingly ghoulish baddies. In tonight's new season opener, we have a guy who's going around collecting people's limbs. And who's the only person who can stop him? Why, Jennifer Love Hewitt, of course! Expect mutilations and maimings a-plenty, so Hannibal fans might love it after all.

What's the verdict?

This promises to be a memorable moment in Criminal Minds history: a really, really grisly killer, and Jennifer Love Hewitt going all Clarice Starling on us. Must-watch telly? It's an open and shut case.

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