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First Light

BBC Two - 9.10pm

Who's in it?

Sam Heughan stars in this rousing docudrama on the incredible exploits of Geoffrey Wellum, one of the nation’s World War Two heroes.

In a nutshell

The closest an average 18-year-old will come to life-or-death struggles today is playing Call of Duty while shoving Pringles into their face. But Geoffrey Wellum had a very different initiation into warfare. He was a mere teenager when he signed up for the RAF, as the country was poised for a battle that would save its very soul. Flying under the leadership of Roger Bushell – who would go onto be one of the legendary players in the Great Escape – Wellum found himself thrust into the maelstrom of history.

His incredible and inspiring story is told in this dramatization, which charts a coming-of-age like no other. It will chronicle his rise in the iconic 92 Squadron, taking his Spitfire into combat in the Battle of Britain, and showing immense skill in the skies even as the full extent of the war’s repercussions – emotional as well as physical – became horribly known to him.

What's the verdict?

Even if you think you’ve seen enough war documentaries to last a lifetime, First Light promises to get you all teary-eyed and sighing on the sofa all over again. Might as well just give into it now.

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