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Southern Fried Homicide

ID - 9pm

Who's in it?

As steamy and sordid as a mega-bucket of crispy-battered chicken, this true crime series features cops and journalists spilling the baked beans on some mighty troubling cases.

In a nutshell

Anyone who's seen the cult Matthew McConaughey film Killer Joe will probably think of one infamous scene when confronted by the words "southern fried" and "homicide". If you haven't seen it, we won't spoil it for you. Except to say you won't tuck into a Colonel Sanders in quite the same way after seeing it. It's also fair to say nothing in this show, despite its colourful title, will be quite as inventive as that. But hey, true crime docs aren't supposed to innovate. They're supposed to titillate.

Let's be frank: it's all about sensationalist exploitation, to make us shake our heads, tut, and carry on watching despite our more sensible instincts telling us to switch over to… Springwatch or something instead. Tonight's episode is sure to suitably gripping, telling the saga of a bunch of "outlaws" (what a weirdly old-fashioned way of putting it) who go around causing havoc small towns and robbing civilians while pretending to be FBI agents. The cheek of it!

What's the verdict?

Another in a long line of true crime docs that pepper the listings, Southern Fried Homicide does at least have a more inventive title than Women Who Kill, Killer Kids, and Ice Cold Killers (although it's not a patch on Wives With Knives). But if entering the suburban badlands of the Bible Belt is your bag, settle down with some pecan pie and a mint julep, and enjoy.

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