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Amy Winehouse The Day She Came to Dingle

BBC Four - 10.40pm

Who's in it?

The residents of a small Irish town who rubbed shoulders with Amy Winehouse tell their stories in this feel-good and marvellously melodic true life tale.

In a nutshell

Amy Winehouse may be gone, but her legend promises to keep on growing. She’s proof that even contemporary pop can yield legends on the order of Billie Holiday and Janis Joplin: singers who fearlessly plumb their own emotional turmoil to literally make beautiful music. Now, as a major cinematic documentary hits the big screens, this smaller but no less engrossing film tells the story of one unforgettable and unlikely evening in 2006, when Amy turned up in a remote corner of Ireland to do her thing.

The occasion was Other Voices, a music show filmed in the town of Dingle. Here, Amy Winehouse belted out back to back songs from her seminal Back to Black album. Afterwards, she chatted about her music and the singers who influenced her, including gospel singer Mahalia Jackson, jazz legend Sarah Vaughan, 60s girl group Shangri-Las, and the incomparable Ray Charles. This documentary gives us choice footage from the event, and – just as fascinatingly – interviews those who met her that night, from a taxi driver to the local priest.

What's the verdict?

A celebration of Amy Winehouse and her music, this film is also the story of one town in one night: funny, surreal and uplifting. A true counterpoint to the darker chapters of the Winehouse saga.

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