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Choccywoccydoodah: Starstruck

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Who's in it?

Chocolate matriarch Christine and her team return for a series of star-studded specials, beginning with a not-so-expendable creation for Wesley Snipes.

In a nutshell

When reality shows talk about "stars", they usually mean people so utterly lacking in anything resembling stardom that even their own parents barely know who they are. Not so with Choccywoccydoodah, though. This new series features proper 'slebs, including Tinie Tempah, Mel C, Richard Branson, Michael Bolton and the late great Joan Rivers. First up, we have none other than Wesley Snipes, a man who really should have nothing to do with twee chocolatey things. The guy was Blade, for goodness sake.

Still, there are few people – action heroes or not – who could refuse these lip-smacking, chocolate-slathered creations. Wesley wants Christine and co to create a special cake for a party celebrating The Expendables 3. At the Cannes Film Festival, no less. Hence we'll be getting literally explosive results, as flour is detonated and bakers take cover. Then they'll have to take the thing all the way to Cannes for an A-list press call. Even Mary Berry would probably have an attack of nerves.

What's the verdict?

Will the cake pass the "Wes test"? Will Sly Stallone and the rest of the cast really be putting in an appearance? With all this loco cocoa tomfoolery going on, it's surely worth expending their time on.

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