TV Highlights

The Apprentice

BBC One - 9pm

Who's in it?

Alan Sugar, looking as usual like a furious Sid James, once again sits in judgment on a bunch of shiny-suited egomaniacs, aided by the very pleasant Karren Brady and terrifying hitman interviewer Claude Littner.

In a nutshell

This is the 11th series of The Apprentice – can you believe it? Well yes, you probably can, because the show's become as stale as month old muffins. Despite re-jigging the format a few years ago, to make it about Lord Sugar finding a "partner" rather than an underling (thus rendering the whole thing a ridiculously difficult version of Dragon's Den), it's still a grindingly predictable palaver. What was once the Rolls-Royce of reality shows is now just something to watch when nothing else is on.

That said, it’s still watchable. While our higher brain circuitry may rebel, our lower animal natures will forever be drawn to the bloody carnage of each episode. And this latest run does have the novelty of actually featuring some (apparently) talented people, including a “geezer bird” who taught herself Latin, a Nigerian-born girl who owns a hair accessories business, and a woman who speaks five languages. Never fear, though, there’s also a hearty helping of fools to keep us amused, including the chap who calls himself a “Swiss army knife of bouncy skills”.

What's the verdict?

While we’ll always be ready to watch the goings-on in the boardroom, this is a show sorely in need of a reboot. New kinds of challenges, and a new boss. Lord Sugar needs to regenerate, Doctor Who style, to keep things interesting. Is Branson busy?

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