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Lost World Underwater

National Geographic - 10pm

Who's in it?

With manly facial hair present and correct, explorer Kenny Broad slides on his diving gear and shows us the Bahamas as we've never seen it before.

In a nutshell

Bahamas – the very word conjures up images of powdery white sands, languid palm trees and lazy sun-dappled decadence. Old skeletons lodged between rocks, not so much. But that's the Bahamas we're getting tonight, in a programme that promises to be thrilling and eye-opening and just a little bit disturbing. Its subject: the so-called "blue holes" of the Bahamas. That's a not-so-fancy technical term for big deep underwater caves, so perfectly preserved that they function almost as time capsules.

And what treasures Kenny and his team will find. Including the remains of a diver who dared to go down there in the 70s, and who never came back up. Kenny himself has close brushes with danger, thanks to all the toxic gas bubbling around, but the treasure trove of animal skeletons and fossils more than make up for the constant threat of death. Not to mention the 1,200 year old skull of one of the very first Bahamian settlers.

What's the verdict?

Cave diving is a sport so extreme it makes free running look literally like a walk in the park. Good thing adrenaline junkies like Kenny are mad enough to do it so we don't have to. Cool ancient skull, too. 4/5

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