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Touched by Auschwitz

BBC Two - 9pm

Who's in it?

Six people who were sent to the Nazis’ most notorious concentration camp tell their tales in this epic documentary.

In a nutshell

None of the Nazi death camps – not Treblinka, not Sobibor, not any of the others – carry the same weight in people’s minds as Auschwitz. The very word is synonymous with the Holocaust. Or perhaps even that doesn’t cover it: the word is synonymous with evil in its most relentless form. As one survivor described it during the trial of Adolf Eichmann, it was not merely a place, but a world: Planet Auschwitz.

But what of those who were liberated, and went onto live their lives? Is any kind of normality possible after Auschwitz? This feature-length film explores this question, taking place in major cities including London, Chicago and Tel Aviv, to hear the testimonies of six survivors – they’ll talk not only of their experiences in the Holocaust, but also of how life unfolded afterwards. Among them are a doctor who escaped the jaws of death only to face persecution by Poland’s communist regime, and an antiques dealer whose success is marred by his recurring nightmares.

What's the verdict?

No possible dramatization can compare to first-hand accounts by those who were there, in the realm of the Holocaust. And that’s what makes this THE must-watch programme of the 70th anniversary of the camps’ liberation.

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