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Impossible Engineering

Yesterday - 9pm

Who's in it?

Engineers, architects and a very excitable narrator take us on an unashamedly geeky tour of the world’s most incredible super-structures in this brand new show.

In a nutshell

Do you love big giant things? Do you ESPECIALLY love lots of juicy facts and figures about big giant things, conveyed by a breathless voice over as nifty camera work gets you up close and personal? Well then, Impossible Engineering is just the show for you. Each episode will provide a wholly unnecessary but weirdly addictive info-dump on some of the grandest, most ambitious, most jaw-droppingly awesome structures created by humankind. And we begin with aircraft carriers.

Specifically, the HMS Queen Elizabeth, a new addition to the Royal Navy fleet that’s just about the biggest boat you ever did see. We’re talking about acres of boat here. A “floating goliath” (that’s the breathless voice over talking) which will be able to take the battle to just about any waterway in the world. We’ll be going through every nook and cranny of this monster, from the vast turbines to the planes it’ll carry – including some very sexy vertical take-off fighters. Yes, it’s pure tech-porn for armchair admirals, but you won’t be able to stop watching till the last bit of useless-but-fascinating data is dropped into your brain.

What's the verdict?

While the many billions the HMS Queen Elizabeth has cost may irk some viewers, there’s no denying it’s a marvel of modern military technology. This is the next best thing to being given a guided tour by the commodore himself. And with substantially less chance of getting any part of yourself wet.

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