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Warrior POV

Quest - 10pm

Who's in it?

Extremely dangerous people with big guns – that's who's in this. (Disclaimer: they're actors playing extremely dangerous people with big guns, but hey: the effect is the same.)

In a nutshell

Doing precisely what it says on the tin, Warrior POV shows us war from the point of view of the warrior. Yes, it's unashamedly gung-ho, and watching it will presumably be a bit like experiencing a cross between Call of Duty, Platoon and all the Rambo films rolled into one, and this will put many viewers off. Everyone else, however, will want to lock and load and dive straight in.

This first episode chronicles "Nine Days in May" – the rather long moniker given to a skirmish between the US infantry and the North Vietnamese soldiers during one of the most controversial war in modern American history (at least until Iraq came along). The year is 1967, and the US soldiers are on a search and destroy mission in the humid, death-filled Vietnam jungle. Then, without warning, they're face to face with a huge battalion of enemy fighters, and a confrontation of intense, close-quarters savagery ensues. What would it have been like to be right there with them? You're about to find out.

What's the verdict?

Using helmet cam footage and bullet-strewn CGI, this is about as close to a firefight any right-thinking person will ever want to get. And no matter what your stance on patriotism and warfare, you'll come away shaken and with a new awe for the men and women serving in the forces.

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