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41 Dogs in a 3-Bed Semi

Channel 5 - 8pm

Who's in it?

Prepare to meet Lynn from Barnsley, the dog-loving lady who’s taken her affection for pets to a radical extreme…

In a nutshell

We’re a nation of animal lovers, but some of us love them that little bit more than is strictly necessary. This is the strange category of people known as animal hoarders, who devote their entire lives to the upkeep of a burgeoning army of cuddly creatures. This documentary probes the phenomenon, with special focus on a 57-year-old woman in Barnsley who literally has 41 dogs in her home.

They include 25 French bulldogs, 10 bull terriers, and more than a handful of Chinese crested dogs. And does she have a sprawling mansion for them to run amok in? Not a bit of it. It’s a normal, everyday semi-detached house, which has been specially adapted to deal with the sheer volume of canines. There are beds for the dogs all over the front room, which Lynn has to spend hundreds of pounds on their food every month. How do she and her husband cope amid it all? That’s not a rhetorical question: the answer is right here.

What's the verdict?

Dealing with Internet abuse and even the odd brick through their window, Lynn and her husband are literally in the dog house. But are they really putting their own tastes above the well-being of their dogs? Or are they coping quite happily in the cramped conditions? You’d be barking mad to miss this fascinating film.

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