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What's on Monday 3rd August

Are You The One?

5* - 10pm

Who's in it?

A gaggle of bronzed, chiselled, dangly-limbed, beautiful young things are crammed into an exotic locale and ordered to find their perfect soulmates for a huge financial reward in this crazed love experiment.

In a nutshell

Statistically speaking, your soulmate is out there. It’s just finding them that’s difficult. But for the men and women on this show, the hard work has been done for them. The makers of the programme have apparently used… personality tests and other gimmicks to find the contestants’ perfect partners. The only trouble is they don’t know who’s who. And that’s the thrust of the show: the guys and gals have to work out which of the other guys and gals are their prescribed soulmates.

If every house member guesses correctly, and they all pair up in the correct way, everyone gets a boatload of cold hard cash. Because finding your one true love clearly wasn’t incentive enough for these scamps. It all sounds very trashy, but actually it’s a complex logic puzzle of a show, with the housemates having to use their deductive and even mathematical skills to suss out the correct formation of couples. That’s if they can take time out of all the flirting and bickering, of course.

What's the verdict?

If the guy from A Beautiful Mind devised his own version of Blind Date, this show would have been the result. But hey, who ever said the course of true love would be easy?

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