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TLC - 10pm

Who's in it?

Alyssa Milano – still synonymous with such soufflé-light American shows as Charmed and Melrose Place – is back as lusty lawyer Savi, alongside the other ladies in this frothy US take on the British drama.

In a nutshell

Are there any fans of the original, UK version of Mistresses out there? It only ended in 2010, but it's actually tricky to remember just how much of an impact the UK original had. Was it a pop-cultural phenomenon or just another bit of Polyfilla programming? Also, should we be all snooty about an American remake, or welcome it as a glossier take on the trashy original?

Let's just go for the latter – it's easier that way. We're also into the second season now, so we're stuck with the thing and may as well enjoy it. After the dramatic (ie, ridiculous) events of the first season finale, we'll be seeing how Savi's coped with her near death experience, and the whole "who's the daddy" debacle between her lover and her husband. Doctor Karen also has her own issues, in the fallout from her affair with a dying man, her weird relationship with his son, and being almost murdered by the dead guy's nutso ex-wife. Just go with it.

What's the verdict?

Set in California, this can't help but be considerably more glamorous than our own Mistresses, and it actually works. There's sex, there's intrigue, there's hunks being ridiculously suggestive. Sure, it's more Sunset Beach than Mad Men, but this is summer programming at its frothiest. Dive in.

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