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What's on Thursday 2nd April

Relatively Clever

Sky1 - 8pm

Who's in it?

Mel Giedroyc takes on quiz host duties in this hip new spin on Family Fortunes. (Disclaimer: we’re using “hip” in a cautiously optimistic way. It might be awful.

In a nutshell

While Mel and Sue aren’t quite as permanently joined at the hip as Ant and Dec, and do occasionally pop up in things independently, the idea of one without the other is still a bit jarring. It’s like toast without butter, a cappuccino without froth, a pie without a nice flaky pastry top. Or something else food-related. Still, Mel Giedroyc has enough wit and charm to make most things watchable – even a show that’s basically a rip-off of Family Fortunes.

The idea is to “find the nation’s smartest family”, which basically means teams of intergenerational clan-members fussing over questions designed to make them all look foolish in different ways. For example: someone’s granddad having to name all the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. That sort of thing. With Mel on hand to deploy wry gags and faux-naïve asides, it should be worth watching even if mainstream game shows usually make your soul cringe into a shuddering ball.

What's the verdict?

With the Emmersons of Kent and the Ferros of Hertfordshire the first to do battle, Relatively Clever might well be the hottest new quiz show of the season, and that’s despite its decidedly dull title. The equivalent of a tart’s soggy bottom, that.

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