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Alaska Moose Men

Animal Planet - 9pm

Who's in it?

Moose. Or, rather, moose: plural. There are lots of moose (mooses, meese) in this show, which follows some extraordinary volunteers doing incredible work.

In a nutshell

In a rather unlikely telly twist, Alaska’s become a bit of a hot spot for reality shows. Perhaps it’s the fact that, unlike most places even in the Deep South, it’s still got that frontier atmosphere, that sense of nature being forever poised to reclaim the land from human intruders. This documentary certainly rams that particular point home, following the staff of the wonderfully-named Alaska Moose Federation as they go about their business.

Said business involves raising helpless moose calves (heartwarming) and shovelling up moose road-kill (not so heartwarming). The guys and gals do it on a voluntary basis, and it’s their job to keep the moose population from dwindling. Believe it or not, the pop is going down by around 1,000 moose a year, so some serious intervention is required. This is how they do it, “one moose at a time”.

What's the verdict?

Like the RSPCA crossed with cowboys, this is one hardcore team of animal lovers, and they’re willing to even risk their lives to keep moose safe. We salute them, even if we can’t help but think mooses/meese in our heads all the time.

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