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What's on Sunday 8th March

Africa’s Deadly Eden

Nat Geo Wild - 9pm

Who's in it?

Rampant wildebeest, voracious lions and cackling jackals all take to the stage in this theatre of natural wonder and excess. Welcome to Africa’s battleground.

In a nutshell

A few million years ago, something exploded in the Great Rift Valley. A very big, very fiery something. We’re talking about a volcanic eruption so vast and catastrophic that it forever altered the landscape, leaving a gigantic crater in its wake. That crater is now a prized conservation area, which makes it sound very worthy and genteel. It isn’t. It’s a brutal and beautiful realm where all kinds of majestic species (and some not so majestic ones) stalk and kill each other.

This programme throws us right into the arena, which essentially acts as a kind of microcosm of Africa’s wildlife with its mix of wetlands, lakes and forested areas. Here, lions, cheetahs, jackals and vultures all have their parts to play in the violent ecosystem, so expect to see a lot of animal-on-animal violence – keep your eyes out for the striking image of jackals preying on flamingos, and lions taking down wildebeest.

What's the verdict?

A reminder, if ever we needed it, that the Disneyified notion of a “circle of life” could just as easily be described as a circle of death. Thrilling stuff.

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