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Star Wars: Spark of Rebellion

Sky1 - 4.30pm

Who's in it?

James Earl Jones – yes, ACTUAL JAMES EARL JONES – once again lends his god-like voice to Darth Vader in this thrilling animated adventure.

In a nutshell

It's half term, and your kids are driving you nuts. Don't worry, there's a brief respite on hand, courtesy of Sky1 and Star Wars. Of course, this will be of equal importance to grown up Star Wars fans too – at least, those of us still clinging onto our passion despite the apocalyptic awfulness of the prequel trilogy. With Episode VII now filling us with… a new hope, this animated take on the saga is something to wet everyone's appetites. It's set in between Episodes III and IV. In other words, the darkest days of the Empire, with Vader acting as a kind of enforcer and the remnants of the Republic being punished by the Emperor's forces. Our hero is Ezra, an orphan on the run from the might of the Imperial army, who joins a mission to save a group of Wookies. That's not at all, though, because Ezra must also face the daunting prospect of being trained as a Jedi himself…

What's the verdict?

It doesn't matter how cynical you've become about Star Wars – real fans can't help feel the pull of any new variation on the story, and Spark of Rebellion looks set to be a rip-roaring thrill-ride through the Empire. We'd go so far as to say the force is strong in this one…

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