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Animal Planet - 9pm

Who's in it?

Michael Rutzen goes swimming with great white sharks. That’s sold it already, right?

In a nutshell

Swimming with dolphins may be something various holiday hotspots boast about. “Come swim with dolphins!” they say, and everyone goes giddy. But one guy wouldn’t be too impressed with that. One guy is WAY past that. We speak of Mr Michael Rutzen, who swims with sharks. And not in a metaphorical, corporate landscape sort of way. He literally swims with literal sharks. Including great whites. Without a cage to prevent him from suddenly getting chomped on.

And that’s why he’s known as Sharkman (sorry to anyone expecting a trashy B-movie about a renegade scientist merging with a shark). This documentary follows the South African daredevil as he free-dives in various treacherous locations across the globe, generally doing stuff that would make any right-thinking person clutch their heads in terror. Not only will he be gliding past the predators with the nonchalance of a synchronised swimmer, but he’ll even be communicating with the sharks. Maybe he does have sci-fi superpowers after all…

What's the verdict?

What Steve Irwin was to crocodiles, Michael Rutzen is to sharks, and this wet and wild film will have you cowering behind a pillow. Yep: just like the first time you saw Jaws.

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