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Dynamo: Magician Impossible

Watch - 9pm

Who's in it?

Britain's less irritating answer to David Blaine is back, but not for long. Expect great things, and lots of startled celebs too.

In a nutshell

In a few short years Dynamo has gone from cult conjurer with a naff name (come on, it IS naff) to all-out global superstar, with hundreds of millions of people gawping at his antics across the world. And now, with his star in full ascent, he's... ending his show. That's right: this is the last ever series of Magician Impossible. Not to say he won't be on telly ever again, but he's definitely stepping out of the limelight after this, to focus on secret and tantalising endeavours.

Not exactly the usual course of action for celebs, but then Dynamo's always been down to earth. Softly spoken and shy-seeming even as he puts on the razzle-dazzle, he'll be on Venice Beach in this first episode, chit-chatting with a rock star from the band Slipknot before doing something with a skateboard that defies the laws of physics. The series will also include cameos from the likes of Coldplay and One Direction, who'll be questioning their sense of reality before Dynamo's done with them.

What's the verdict?

Contorting the physical realm with the casual aplomb of Neo from The Matrix, Dynamo is so awesome he's actually scary. And there we were thinking Wizbit was the pinnacle of TV magic...

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