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Eskimos Go Wild in San Diego

TLC - 10pm

Who's in it?

No, you're not seeing things. There really is a programme called Eskimos Go Wild in San Diego, featuring five teens heading out from the snowy wastes of Alaska to take on the big wide world. It's what TV was invented for.

In a nutshell

Is this a new television "thing", then? The latest sub-genre of reality telly? We're talking about shows in which members of "innocent" communities are wantonly corrupted by the flashy, garish, ridiculous thing that is modern Western culture, while we watch and gawp and say "This is SO fake". We've seen shows about Amish kids heading out to New York and other cities, where they proceed to drink lots, flirt lots, and take their clothes off lots. Now it's the turn of… eskimos.

Wait a sec, isn't that a pretty un-PC word? Or is it back now? Anyhoo, this show features Tamara, Frank, and three other members of a small Alaskan community who are sneaking – yes, actually sneaking – away from their loved ones to experience life in San Diego. It'll be a culture shock of epic proportions, but will it change them in a deep, fundamental way? Will they actually relish the freedom? Or will they end up wanting to scamper back home, away from the bright lights and ugly hangovers?

What's the verdict?

You might feel like giving a show about errant eskimos the cold shoulder, but this might just be fun enough to thaw even the iciest cynic's resolve. It probably won't contain this many eskimo puns either, so that can only be a good thing.

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