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What's on Friday 4th September

The Fixer

FOX - 10pm

Who's in it?

Kathleen Robertson and Eric Dane are pros when it comes to big glossy US shows – they hail from Murder in the First and The Last Ship respectively. But this looks set to be more intriguing than either of those dramas.

In a nutshell

Conspiracy theories aren’t quite as cool as they used to be. Probably because they’ve gone mainstream. It used to be the case that having a taste for conspiracy theories made you a sort of mini-Mulder, intrepidly subversive in your view of the world. But these days pretty much everyone is so world-wearily cynical, that even your nan probably casually thinks that secret puppet-masters are pulling the strings of politicians and business leaders. As a consequence, it’s hard to get all that excited by conspiracy theories. They’re just a bit obvious and naff.

Well, this big new drama promises to breathe new life into the genre. It begins with Inspector Ellie Molaro getting stuck into the case of an oil rig disaster. Bad, sure, but just an accident right? Well, maybe not, if the claims of a whistleblower are to be believed. It seems that there’s a covert group of extremely powerful people who deliberately engineer disasters to play havoc with the stock market and make heaps of cash for the right people. Which sounds outlandish and ridiculous, until the evidence starts to mount up…

What's the verdict?

The Fixer is a refreshing new take on conspiracies, and the idea of hidden villains deliberately causing disasters around the world is a very potent one. If the script is as good as the concept, this may well be the must-watch show of the next few weeks.

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