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Hasselhoff vs The Berlin Wall

National Geographic - 9pm

Who's in it?

As if we were in any doubt that David Hasselhoff is the greatest hero of our times, the big man is now returning to Berlin to remind us of the part he played in the end of the Cold War. Hey, don't scoff at the Hoff!

In a nutshell

The Hoff is known for many things – notably running in slow motion while wearing red shorts, making chit-chat with a car, and being big in Germany. Singing-wise, that is. Lest we forget, he was a bona fide pop megastar once upon a time, and his lyrical grandeur actually helped usher in the end of the Cold War. It did! It totally did! A little, anyway! Look, the point is he had a song called Looking For Freedom, which was a number one in Germany, and which he played while literally standing on the remains of the Wall after it came down in 1989. That's how awesome he is.

And now he's back on his old stomping ground to look back at the heady days of the divide, when Berlin was the chief ideological battleground between the decadent West and the repressive Soviet Bloc. Those were grim days, when the city was scarred by slabs of concrete and barbed wire, but Hasselhoff will be meeting those brave souls who literally tunnelled their way across, or – in the case of one family – created their own zip line to victory. Hmm. Zip Line to Victory. Could be a David Hasselhoff song, that.

What's the verdict?

The title of this documentary, Hasselhoff vs The Berlin Wall, is so outstanding that we'd be happy with that alone. The film itself is sure to be a fascinating watch though: Hasselhoff does history. Dr David Starkey, watch your back.

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