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What's on Tuesday 2nd December

Shear Madness

Nat Geo Wild - 8pm

Who's in it?

Natalie Redding is totally flocked. Don't blame us for that terrible pun, it's what the first episode of this fluffy new series is called.

In a nutshell

Meet Natalie. She was once an urban girl, with all the trappings that entails: a life of bars and restaurants, of hanging out with mates in hip and happening spots, of vegging out in front of a flatscreen telly and generally not having to deal with very many sheep in her life. Now all that's changed. Now there are sheep. Lots and lots of sheep. It’s Shear Madness, frankly (another class A pun there, you'll agree).

Yep, for reasons known only to her – and you, if you watch the thing – Natalie has left the big city behind to raise a 200-strong flock in the wilds of California (yes California has wilds – it's not all boutiques and beaches and celebrity mansions you know). That's not all: her husband and five children are with her, while she shears wool to keep the cash coming in and somehow tries to juggle being a mum with being a sheep farmer. Things are pretty dicey from the very first episode, when her flock gets potentially infected with a nasty bug. Baaaa.

What's the verdict?

Telling you everything you've always wanted to know about sheep farming but were afraid to ask, Shear Madness will very likely live up to its title. Better Natalie than us: being a city slob has never seemed more appealing.

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