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What's on Thursday 9th July


Sky Living - 10pm

Who's in it?

Never mind the magical skills of Carrie Wells – the investigator with the photographic memory played by Poppy Montgomery. The real miracle here is that Unforgettable is even back for a third run.

In a nutshell

It's not often that TV executives change their minds about things. But they certainly did that after cancelling this crime show, incurring the rage of fans who mounted such a spirited (or scary) campaign that the show was eventually uncancelled. It probably didn’t help that Unforgettable may well be one of the most forgettable titles for a TV series ever, and the show itself is yet another police procedural about a gifted and haunted genius, a la The Mentalist or Monk.

Still, Poppy Montgomery puts in a very watchable performance as the very talented Carrie Wells, who can analyse and memorise her surroundings in a way that would put RoboCop or the Terminator to shame. Her skills will be put to good use in this new season opener, where she has to go undercover and foil a counterfeiting ring. Sure, that doesn’t sound so tough compared to, say, taking down serial killers and murderous mobsters, but things take a very sinister turn when she finds herself kidnapped and thrown into a van…

What's the verdict?

While it makes no bones about ticking off almost every box in the list of TV crime clichés, this is well-crafted entertainment that will go down very nicely when you’re curled up on the sofa. Just don’t expect Unforgettable to be particularly… unforgettable.

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