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What's on Saturday 2nd August

Last Call Food Brawl

Quest - 7pm

Who's in it?

Lively foodie Adam Gertler is on a quest to crown the kings and queens of late night noshing. Just watching this lot at work will add inches to your waistline...

In a nutshell

The best part of any night out? Grabbing grub on the way home, of course. Whether you're getting ruined on beer or wine or copious amounts of tequila snorted through the nose after taking up a foolish bet with a barman, the upshot is very simple: getting drunk gives you a license to stuff your face with really dirty food. Now, we've had shows devoted to ridiculous comfort food – from Man V Food to You Gotta Eat Here – but this one actually pits the purveyors of late night "dining" against each other.

It's a clash of the calorific titans, as Adam Gertler travels to various US cities and gets the four best grill chefs, burger flippers and pizza tossers to compete in cook-offs. While huge audiences of presumably drunk people bray in the background. It's going to be loud, hectic and unbelievably American, and you're going to feel very, very hungry.

What's the verdict?

Warning to anyone on any sort of diet: tonight Adam will be visiting Texas, and there WILL be loving close-ups of oozing tacos and other cheese-laden Tex-Mex classics. And whether you've been drinking or not, you WILL want some...

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