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What's on Wednesday 7th October

Remembering the Artist: Robert De Niro Sr

Sky Arts - 10pm

Who's in it?

Oscar-winning actor Robert De Niro takes a trip down memory lane as he looks back at the life and times of his artist father.

In a nutshell

Robert De Niro, Sr. wasn’t just the dad of one of Hollywood’s most celebrated actors, he was also a truly talented, and celebrated, artist in his own right. During the 1940s and 50s in New York City he enjoyed plenty of success with many top art critics calling his paintings, which mixed abstract and expressionist styles with a representational subject matter, truly wonderful. This acclaim was pretty short lived, however. And Robert De Niro, Sr. soon found himself out of the spotlight and his work totally overshadowed by the Pop-Art movement.

This documentary takes a close look at the painter’s life, with the people who knew him best giving insights into his life and times. His son reads from De Niro, Sr.’s journals and letters, many of which talk about his hopes and dreams of being rediscovered, as well as giving his own affectionate recollections of his father’s professional and personal struggles. Archive family footage and interviews with the artist himself interweave with plenty of shots of his vibrant paintings to boot.

What's the verdict?

This is a moving portrait of a painter who, in essence, was in the wrong place and the wrong time, and truly conveys the total affection and admiration a son can have for his father.

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