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Who's in it?

Foodies lament! For MasterChef 2015 is coming to an end, and we’ll have to wait aaaaaages before the Professional version comes around again. Ah well, let’s hope John and Gregg get to feast on some proper good grub in the grand final.

In a nutshell

So, that’s it then. The banquet is at an end, and this year’s was tastier than usual. This, in part, is down to the subtle but actually rather important tweak they made to the ingredients. Nothing major, thank goodness – not like the ill-fated year they went all X Factor on us, and it came across about as well as a collapsed soufflé. No, what they did this year was show snippets of chat between the contestants. Fleeting gossip in between judging - the little backslaps and words of encouragement and nervous whispers we’ve never been allowed to see before.

This meant we actually got a sense of the contestants as a group. Kind of like with the teams in The Apprentice, only really sweet and pleasant and considerably less slappable. It also added to the emotion in the later stages, when the clearly close-knit group were increasingly sad to see their friends/rivals leave the party one by one. Other than that, it’s been a delicious series all in all, complete with appearances from jolly Jay Rayner, chummy Charles Campion, and the always marvellous Monica G.

What's the verdict?

Loosen your belt and settle in for a final helping of cunning cuisine, in an episode which also – of course – lets us meet the friends and family of the contestants. Which is always a bit weird, in a good way.

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