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Saving Hope

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Who's in it?

Michael Shanks is back in the white coat as a rather healthier Charlie Harris – the medic who fell into a coma and became a wandering spirit-thing in the first season of this shamelessly sentimental series.

In a nutshell

You just know how this one got made. Picture a bunch of bored studio executives sitting around brainstorming. Suddenly one of them, half-crazed by her fifth latte of the morning, blurts out "How about Grey's Anatomy meets Ghost?" And instead of being sacked on the spot, she gets promoted. And the show gets made. Welcome to Saving Hope. It's… how can we put this… it's Grey's Anatomy meets Ghost. And it's exactly as great/terrible as that sounds (strike as appropriate).

What this means is you get a frothy medical drama (think doe-eyed doctors flirting a lot) mixed with lots of self-help-style philosophising as Dr Charlie, who's in a coma, wanders the corridors in spirit form and talks about love, life and death with the spirits of other unconscious patients. Luckily, they haven't dragged this set-up on too long, and the new season sees a now-awake Charlie back on duty as a doctor. Except he can now see dead people. So now it's Grey's Anatomy meets The Sixth Sense, sort of.

What's the verdict?

Cheesier than a slice of four cheese pizza dipped in cheese fondue with a light sprinkling of parmesan on top. But if you're an unashamed lover of schmaltzy, weepy, fuzzy, telly whimsy, this is just what the doctor ordered.

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