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What's on Thursday 8th October

Dan's 80lb Testicle

TLC - 10pm

Who's in it?

Dan Maurer and his rather large groin are the subject of this documentary, which may leave some of you feeling slightly grossed-out.

In a nutshell

TV channels love to shock, and what better way at luring us poor old couch potatoes in is there than with a good juicy title? We’ve had Can Fat Teens Hunt?, Fix My Fat Head, My Car Is My Lover, Sex Sent Me To The ER, the list goes on. So even though tonight’s documentary is pretty sobering stuff, TLC just couldn’t resist giving us the attention grabbing: Dan's 80lb Testicle.

And seriously, our sympathies do go out to Dan whose life was literally derailed when his scrotum started growing uncontrollably, and didn’t stop. We’ll hear all about the rare condition, known by medical buffs as scrotal lymphedema, tonight and meet Dan and his wife Mindy’s whose lives have been turned upside down. 

What's the verdict?

While some of us (OK, most) will chuckle at the title, this documentary, although a little gross given the subject matter, is still a moving tale about how normal people cope with very abnormal situations.

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