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The Game

BBC Two - 9pm

Who's in it?

Brian Cox – the gruff veteran actor, not the sweetly smiling scientist – stars alongside some up-and-coming stars in this Le Carré-esque Cold War thriller.

In a nutshell

A quick glance at some of the publicity shots and trailers for this major new drama confirms we’re firmly in Tinker Tailor territory. Especially the recent movie version: whole rooms in The Game seem to have been nicked from the Gary Oldman flick. Not that that’s a bad thing: this is a seriously handsome looking show, a prestige thriller for those who like a bit of complexity along with the explosions and street chases.

This is the story of a young MI5 agent, Joe, who stumbles across a dastardly scheme by those old school bogeymen, the KGB. Expect murmured revelations from ashen-faced defectors, sinister meetings, and lots of scenes of men in suits looking angsty in a really cool way. Brian Cox, the first man to play Hannibal Lecter on screen lest we forget, is surely ideal in the role of a MI5 bigwig, and all the sleeper cell stuff should appeal to fans of Spooks as much as Le Carré addicts.

What's the verdict?

Sleek, stylish, and immaculately resurrecting a bygone Britain, this has to be one of the coolest looking dramas of the season. Plus: Brian Cox! The Game should be very enjoyable to play.

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