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The 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

Sky Living - 8.30pm

Who's in it?

Hosted by none other than the great Seth Meyers (look, he's famous in the US, all right?), this year's Emmys will be showering gongs all over some simply stupendous shows.

In a nutshell

Remember when telly dramas were considered the poor cousins of big-screen epics? Now the situation has been neatly reversed, with A-list stars pretty much begging their agents to bag them the next Breaking Bad. Speaking of which, Bryan Cranston, who has become a TV icon as the show's teacher-turned-drug kingpin Walter White, is up for an award at this year's Emmys. We'd assume he'd be a shoo-in if it wasn't for the competition he has from both Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson.

Yep, they're in the running for their work on True Detective, perhaps the most talked about crime saga of the year. Glossy, frothy shows are also up for the statuettes, with cult prison series Orange is the New Black and soapy political saga Scandal sure to get some gongs. And don't worry, British shows will get some attention too, with the likes of Downton Abbey, Luther and of course Sherlock getting some screen time.

What's the verdict?

One programme that certainly won't be going away empty handed is Game of Thrones, which has a startling 19 nominations. Enough to ward off any Red Wedding style massacres, we should think. As patriotic Brits, we just hope Benedict Cumberbatch shows up somewhere. It's always nice when Benedict Cumberbatch shows up.

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