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What's on Wednesday 5th August

Voodoo Sharks

Discovery - 10pm

Who's in it?

A Cajun fisherman caked Captain Blimp goes on the search for a make-believe magical shark. No, you’re not hallucinating: this programme actually exists, and you can actually watch it.

In a nutshell

Ever watched Jaws and thought, “This is exciting, but it would be even MORE exciting if the shark was a little more… voodoo”? Well congratulations, because your wish is about to come true. Voodoo Sharks follows some intrepid fishermen as they sail out to find the apparently 20-foot long and highly dangerous killer shark that stalks the bayous of Louisiana. Known as the Rookin, this is like the sharky, Deep South equivalent of the Loch Ness Monster.

Does it exist? Of course not. But these boys aren’t going to let facts get in their way. And besides, the legend may be rooted in real bull sharks running amok in the region. So Captain Blimp – isn’t that the finest name for a captain you can imagine? – will be using all their skills to find these elusive sea-beasts. Oh, and there will be proper scientists on hand to give us a garnish of science alongside the silliness.

What's the verdict?

Chucking entire pig corpses into the water as bait, and fond of coming out with grizzled one-liners like one of the actual heroes of Jaws, Captain Blimp is clearly made for shows like this. And the Deep South landscapes will be rather lovely too. Just don’t expect to see any real-life Rookins, we reckon.

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