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What's on Wednesday 29th October

Ultimate Airport Dubai

National Geographic - 9pm

Who's in it?

Air traffic controllers, stressed services managers and long-suffering baggage check staffers are the stars of this bustling reality show set in one of the world's busiest travel hubs.

In a nutshell

Have you ever thought to yourself, "Why aren't there more programmes about airports on the telly?" Probably not, let's be fair. Yet… there have been a surprisingly high number of the things over the years. And when it comes to hit TV shows about airports, any number higher than zero is surely "surprisingly high". Perhaps there's a kind of sadistic pleasure in watching people deal with incredibly stressy situations why we lounge on the sofa at home. Or perhaps we're all secretly nerds who want to know how big organisations like airports run.

Either way, here's another one to get hooked on despite ourselves. Dubai Airport is so vast it's pretty much a city in itself, and in the beginning of this new series we'll see the citizens deal with problems big and small: from a mammoth A380 jet forced to make an emergency landing to the passengers en route to Kuwait with a suitcase full of snakes. Haven't they seen Snakes on a Plane, for goondess sake?

What's the verdict?

You won't know why you're gripped, but you will be. Lest we forget, Airport – the UK programme – was one of the first big reality TV hits on these shores, and this is just carrying on the tradition, albeit in a bigger, swankier, more Dubai-ish way. Time to check in, we think.

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