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Madam Secretary

Sky Living - 9pm

Who's in it?

Téa Leoni, who flirted with stardom many years ago, steps back into the limelight with this major new US drama about a gutsy US Secretary of State.

In a nutshell

Suffering from House of Cards withdrawal pangs? Well, here’s something to tide you over. While Madam Secretary probably won’t feature too many wry fourth-wall-breaking asides to the camera, and will have significantly less Macbeth-like malevolence, it’ll still tick your boxes when it comes to cunning political machinations and shots of really cool people talking about important stuff while striding down corridors.

It also promises the best female politician to hit telly-land since the lady from Borgen. Meet Elizabeth McCord, played with steely resolve by Ms Leoni, who’s a former CIA analyst turned academic turned US Secretary of State. Thrown into the role after the last person dies, she hits her first major crisis when a couple of American teens are held captive in Syria and accused of being spies. It’s down to McCord to get them out without rocking the already less-than-rosy US-Syrian relationship. And there’s also the hostile White House chief of staff to deal with…

What's the verdict?

A plush and polished and very grown-up new drama about power struggles, secret deals and sinister conspiracies at the highest levels of government, this may well be your new TV addiction. It’s just a shame it can’t be binge-watched, eh…

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