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What's on Tuesday 28th October

Storage Hunters UK

Dave - 8pm

Who's in it?

Sean Kelly, the auctioneer with the machine gun mouth and head like a bleached Malteser is back, and this time he's in Blighty. It's time to get inexplicably excited about Storage Hunters UK.

In a nutshell

Programmes about storage lockers are mysteriously successful in the States. We say "mysteriously" because, well, they're about storage lockers, for goodness sake. And yet millions keep tuning into various spin-offs and rip-offs of the format, which sees gaggles of comically competitive bargain hunters bidding for the contents of the aforementioned lockers. And by competitive we mean fistfights actually break out occasionally. David Dickinson certainly wouldn't approve.

Storage Hunters is the best of the various variations because it's the silliest: the bidders are all cartoon characters made flesh (including an angry couple, a sulky emo man-boy, and scary rednecks), and they spend roughly 78% of each episode grimacing and growling at each other. But now the format's been rebooted for the UK, complete with a new and hopefully just-as-absurd bunch of peeps – including a new couple, and an Essex girl. And instead of Green Mile popping the padlocks, we've got Mini Mile. Is it wrong to be so excited by all of this?

What's the verdict?

Storage Hunters is the guiltiest pleasure on TV (at least, in terms of shows on before the watershed), and if the UK version's even half as good, we'll be as sold as the stuff in the storage units.

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