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ID - 10pm

Who's in it?

A wife goes on the warpath against her unsuspecting in-laws in the first episode of this torrid and tawdry new series (we mean torrid and tawdry in a good way, naturally).

In a nutshell

There was a time, back in the sepia-tinged, smoke-shrouded world of the 70s, when stand-up comedians couldn't stop guffawing about the "in-laws". You know the drill: gags about bulldog-faced mother-in-laws, in between hearty dollops of casual racism and long-suffering one-liners about "the wife". Well, cut to 2014 and in-laws are no longer funny. Now they're homicidal and crazy and out to get you. Yikes.

This newest addition to the esteemed true crime genre focuses on real-life examples of apocalyptic in-laws. So, in tonight's curtain raising episode, we meet Patricia. She's a seemingly ordinary lady who thinks she's struck gold when she marries into a wealthy, powerful family. But then things take a turn for the rocky, and her husband becomes a disinherited outcast. Patricia doesn't take this lightly, and enacts deadly revenge. Well, stand by your man, and all that…

What's the verdict?

After Deadly Wives and Dates from Hell, we now have Evil-in-Law – which has the advantage of having a brilliant title, if nothing else. Expect brilliantly over the top reconstructions and fearful, wide-eyed interviewees telling their side of the story, in a show we really shouldn't enjoy as much as we definitely will. Well, at least it's slightly less awful than 70s mother-in-law jokes.

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