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What's on Wednesday 4th February

Mormon Half Love

TLC - 9pm

Who's in it?

Prepare to meet Melinda Bird – an active member of the Mormon community of Utah who, despite her physical disability, doesn’t believe in doing anything by halves.

In a nutshell

Melinda Bird is a Utah lady with a rare condition called congenital caudal regression syndrome. What this basically means is she has a shortened spine and her legs don’t function. Not that she’s let any of that stop her from leading an active life – not only does she hold down a job at no less an institution as the Ministry of Defence, she’s also doing a degree in criminal justice, runs a girls’ group at the Mormon church, and – oh yes – is a dab hand at surfing as well.

There’s just one snag – she’s yet to find Mr Right. Melinda’s very keen to start a family, and she’s feeling time breathing down her neck. This programme follows one rare and remarkable woman as she goes about her busy life in Utah, deals with her disability, and keeps an eye out for the man who might just be the husband of her dreams…

What's the verdict?

While the title is a bit naff and freak showish (what does Mormon Half Love even mean?), this programme is bound to be a fascinating and fun look at the Mormon world and a cheerful woman who refuses to let any hurdles get in her way.

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