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What's on Saturday 6th September

Doctor Who

BBC One - 7.30pm

Who's in it?

Fresh from battling the Daleks, Peter Capaldi's marvellous tenure as the Doctor continues with the Time Lord joining forces with… Robin Hood?

In a nutshell

Say what you like about Peter Capaldi's Doctor… that he's crazed, frightening, sinister, witty, and has eyebrows that want to cede from his face and set up their own independent state… but one thing he isn't is wacky. Even when he's being apparently wacky, even when he strays briefly into the territory of wack, there's that edge of danger that sets him apart from previous wack-purveyor David Tennant.

So it's something of a surprise to note his third story is, well, distinctly wacky sounding. The Doctor will be materialising in Sherwood Forest, and teaming up with Robin Hood. It's something we could imagine Tennant's Doctor doing, and maybe Smith's, but it seems a bit frivolous and funny for Capaldi's older, sterner Doc. Then again, we might be surprised at just what's in store… a robot Sheriff of Nottingham? An Auton Alan-a-Dale? Who knows?

What's the verdict?

Bringing in some extra star power courtesy of Tom Riley, best known for his star turn in Da Vinci's Demons, this could be a real romp of an episode. Let's just hope Capaldi won't be getting into any green tights.

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