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What's on Thursday 4th December

Secret Sex Lives: Supersized Sex

TLC - 10pm

Who's in it?

A woman with breasts big enough to make her an online celebrity, and the man with the world's largest penis are among the larger than life stars of this saucy series.

In a nutshell

Here's something you didn't know: having abnormally enlarged breasts is known as gigantosmastia. One lady who knows all about it is Annie, known to her legions of fans as Norma Stitz (read the name again and you'll appreciate the profound meaning). Her bosom is so… well, bosomy that she has trouble finding bras with enough room, and she'll be letting us into her unusual world tonight.

Of course, no show called Supersized Sex could possibly avoid including feeders, and we'll meet a pair of them in the shape of Donna and Phillipe who have an eternal hankering to fatten each other up. Elsewhere, there's Matt – a chap with an obsession for giant women. This is an actual fetish, and Matt puts it down to watching Godzilla movies as a kid and getting seriously aroused at the sight of panicking humans being crushed. We say again: this is an actual fetish. Suddenly all those guys really into feet seem pretty mundane by comparison.

What's the verdict?

This is a programme which proves that, when it comes to all things sexual, you can never have too much of a good thing. Or can you? Expect psychologists to point out the dangerous flipside to these strange fixations, not that it'll be enough to put these guys and gals off. Big really is beautiful.

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