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What's on Tuesday 7th October

Extreme Cheapskates

TLC - 9pm

Who's in it?

The tightest, stingiest, penny-pinchingest people in America share their "tips" on how to go through life in the most obnoxiously frugal way possible. Watch and learn.

In a nutshell

Since the world is still suffering post-traumatic stress in the wake of the financial crisis, and since many of us are still more or less braced for a full-on Great Depression to come down hard and turn us into a nation of shuffling, harmonica-playing hobos, it's probably wise to keep an eye on our spending. But there's being careful, and there's reusing funeral flowers because it won't cost extra.

Welcome to the world of extreme cheapskates. Tighter than Ebenezer Scrooge in skinny jeans, these pedantically price conscious types will do anything to avoid paying over the odds. And by "over the odds" we mean "anything". The first episode of the new series looks at love, so as well as the funeral flowers thing (only the best for the dearly departed, eh?) we'll also meet someone who buys thrift store lingerie for their partner. Sexy, sexy thrift store lingerie.

What's the verdict?

A show in the tradition of all those improbably popular documentaries about hoarders and supermarket coupon fanatics, this will either make you want to go out and splash the cash like a crazy person, or actually encourage you to look after your own finances more responsibly. Just don't go rooting around for second-hand pants.

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