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What's on Monday 6th October

The Kitchen

BBC Two - 9pm

Who's in it?

Very modern families are followed in a very modern sort of reality show, plonking cameras in people's kitchens to see what we Brits are up to.

In a nutshell

First Gogglebox, now this. Having realised that there's something weirdly fascinating about watching random people slumped on their sofas talking and occasionally bickering about various shows, the execs in TV-land have now come up with this kitchen-based take on the same format. Basically, we'll see families in kitchens, doing… well, kitcheny type stuff. Cooking dinner, drinking wine, sharing gossip, poking fun at each other, and chatting about everything from immigration to holidays.

First up we've got the Barry-Powers, a blended family in Wales where five kids run riot. The series will also take us into the kitchens of the Bradshaws, who've been married for half a century, a single mum and her 21-year-old daughter, and… lots of other families, basically. We even get to see exactly what food they buy, how they prepare it, and the sorts of rules laid down by long-suffering parents. No mobile phones at the dinner table, you young louts!

What's the verdict?

Apparently "capturing the modern spirit of family life", this is just an excuse to giggle at the guff people come out with in their unguarded domestic moments. Silly, pointless and a bit patronising in the way it aims to chronicle all kinds of demographics, from organic-eating luvvies to plucky single parents, it's still bound to be utterly compelling anyway. Looks like everyone's place is in the kitchen.

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