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What's on Wednesday 28th January

Epic Predator Fails

Nat Geo Wild - 8pm

Who's in it?

Wild animals can be majestic. But sometimes, just sometimes, they can be prats. Welcome to Epic Predator Fails.

In a nutshell

Here’s a TV taboo: showing big incredible creatures in the wild, being really really rubbish. Think about it – this hardly ever happens. Almost all nature documentaries are works of operatic awe. A typical show about big cats will be full of slow motion shots of lions OWNING the savannah, cunningly stalking and pouncing, while their four-legged victims scatter in terror.

Well, here’s the antidote to all of that. A reminder that, like humans, animals can be buffoons sometimes. So prepare to see lions, cheetahs and crocodiles get it very, very wrong as they try, and fail, to get their supper. You’ll feel a bit wrong for laughing at these sanctified, beautiful animals screwing up so badly, but you’ll laugh anyway. Especially when their relieved prey scamper off while the apex predators pretty much shake their fists in the background.

What's the verdict?

Expect lots and lots of incredible footage of “d’oh” moments in the unlikeliest places, this should prove a diverting evening’s telly. They’re showing episodes back to back – let’s just hope Attenborough isn’t watching.

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