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Sky1 - 8pm

Who's in it?

Comics nerds, archery aficionados and connoisseurs of Stephen Amell's abs will all be excited as season three of the Green Arrow adaptation hits our screens. And this time with 100% more Brandon Routh.

In a nutshell

Hands up, who's fed up of superheroes? Well you better keep it to yourself, then, because everyone else can't get enough of them. On Channel 5 we've got Gotham, the slightly wobbly new Batman prequel which sort of sucks but sort of doesn't, depending on what scene you're watching. And on Sky we've got The Flash, the spandexy spin-off of Arrow. And speaking of Arrow, we've got Arrow. Back for a new season, no less.

It's a new beginning for the series, with Starling City enjoying a period of calm after Oliver Queen vanquishing the baddies last season. Ollie's having a bit of R&R, and even finds the time to ask Felicity out on a date. But before you can say "A new baddie's in town!", there's a new baddie in town, taking on the mantle of Vertigo. Meanwhile, we've also got Brandon Routh joining the cast. You remember Brandon Routh – he starred in Superman Returns, the film everyone's deleted from their minds since Man of Steel happened. Well, Routh is now playing another DC hero, the Atom, albeit in human mode for the time being. Will he suit up before the season is done, though?

What's the verdict?

Starting off as an uneasily obvious rip-off of Batman Begins, Arrow has developed into a fine, rip-roaring saga in its own right during its first season. And while we'll sorely miss the presence of an EVIL JOHN BARROWMAN (for some reason, capital letters seem appropriate there), we're sure Brandon Routh will be enough to get fanboys and girls excited.

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