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What's on Thursday 10th September

First Dates

Channel 4 - 10pm

Who's in it?

Will it be love at first site when linguist Louis, who struggles with the language of love, meets Adela? Maybe not, but there are plenty of other couples to gawp at as First Dates returns for a new series.

In a nutshell

Let’s face it, dating is rubbish at the best of times. That awkward opening moment (tip: do NOT shake hands), the stumbling small talk as you nervously sip your drinks, and the ever-present risk that one of you will say something really dumb and make the other person recoil in fury or horror (tip: do NOT talk about gender relations, religion, or the Middle East crisis).

The only thing more nerve-racking than a first date is a first date with a camera beaming every terrible moment to millions of smirking viewers. Which is exactly what the plucky love-seekers sign up for in this endlessly entertaining show. The new run kicks off tonight with a lady called Anna who has a very lengthy list of what she wants from a man meeting Liam, who likens dating to gazelle hunting. We’ll also meet linguist Louis and his date Adela who’s seeking the perfect English gent and Michael and Karina who swap parenthood tales.

What's the verdict?

A programme that’ll make couples feel smug, and singletons feel relieved they’re not currently on a date as cringey as any of these ones. Watch and squirm.

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