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DMAX - 10pm

Who's in it?

It's 50 Shades of Really Really Weird Stuff on DMAX tonight, with a new series featuring kinksters, fetishists, and all-round oddballs giving us the lowdown on their lives.

In a nutshell

The phrase "too much information" should be retired. If the Internet age has confirmed anything, it's that there's never enoughinformation when it comes to the quirky habits and peculiar passions of complete strangers. It's all there, proudly displayed (sometimes literally). Of course, it was the humble television that first started peeking into people's homes before the web came around, and this new show follows that proud tradition of telling us all stuff we really don't need to know.

For example: "What does it take to be a pony girl?" is a question you've probably never pondered. "What even IS a pony girl?" is a likelier query perhaps. Well, you'll get answers to both in this show, which also features a "mum man", who's a chap with a very deep and profound interest in mummification. We're assuming that's not in the British Museum, archaeological sense.

What's the verdict?

You get the gist of this, so all we can say is: prepare to gawp. And gape. And goggle. Just don't Google afterwards, you may regret it...

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