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What's on Tuesday 9th September

Bad Dog!

Animal Planet - 8pm

Who's in it?

It's not just mutts causing mayhem in this series – oh goodness, no. Pretty much every kind of pet is featured. And they're every bit as catastrophic as they are cute.

In a nutshell

OK, this is basically You've Been Framed but with animals, which doesn't sound like a very cool kind of show. And it most assuredly isn't cool. It's not supposed to be. What it is, is the TV equivalent of watching YouTube videos of animals going adorably nuts, and who can honestly say they couldn't do that for hours and hours on end? And the big advantage here is there's no chance of buffering getting in the way. Or your boss suddenly appearing over your shoulder, before you even have time to click back onto your Excel spreadsheet.

So yes: animals going adorably nuts. Tonight, they will include a cat that gets far too high on catnip and knocks a Christmas tree over, a dog that somehow manages to end up inside a toaster, and a very bossy pet skunk. Of course, if you WILL decide to have a pet skunk, we imagine its bossiness will be the least of your problems. Pass the Febreze.

What's the verdict?

If you want telly to veg out to after a stressful day, Bad Dog! is exactly what the vet ordered. It even has an exclamation mark in its title – that's how little you'll need to use your brain while you watch it. Prepare to howl and purr with pleasure.

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