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What's on Saturday 28th November

Mission Pluto

Nat Geo Wild - 9pm

Who's in it?

Excitable scientists wax lyrical about New Horizons. Which is a space probe by the way, not some rival team of happy clappy teens in Glee.

In a nutshell

Poor old Pluto. A planet for so many years, before being rudely downgraded to a glorified rock in space. Sure, it lacks the majesty of Saturn, the sheer girth of Jupiter, the sci-fi allure of Mars… but it’s still got a plucky charm of its own. If a tiny frozen sphere in the vast abyss of the cosmos could be described as “plucky”, that is.

Well, this documentary will confirm that there are plenty of scientists who are very enthusiastic about the solar system’s smallest treasure. They launched a space probe called New Horizons quite a few years ago, and it was only in 2015 that it made its long-heralded swoop over Pluto’s surface. This was a moment that had astronomers on tenterhooks: the first chance to really SEE the surface of this distant world, from its rocky peaks to its parched plains. This programme spills the beans on this momentous event, and also gives us a primer on all things Pluto.

What's the verdict?

Everything you wanted to know about the Kuiper Belt but were afraid to ask. That’s what this programme is, and it’ll go down a treat with amateur interplanetary nerds and aspiring astronomers everywhere.

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