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What's on Thursday 25th December

Doctor Who

BBC One - 6.15pm

Who's in it?

Nick Frost gets his Santa on for Peter Capaldi's first festive edition of Doctor Who – and something tells us it won't be a very silent night.

In a nutshell

The Christmas specials of Doctor Who can be a bit on the syrupy side, but this one has been touted as "The Thing meets Miracle on 34th Street". And given that The Thing is one of the darkest, grossest horror films ever made, that's setting quite a high bar in the scare stakes. Plot-wise, there are similarities: like in The Thing, the episode is about an isolated base where a frightening alien presence is causing havoc. It's just that instead of Kurt Russell, we have Peter Capaldi's frantic Doctor.

Oh, and Santa Claus. But is the Nick Frost character really, actually Santa? And if so, will Whovians react well to such a frivolous character entering the world of Doctor Who? Well, the classic series had a baddie which looked like Bertie Bassett, so old school fans have endured far worse. Speaking of the old days, look out as well for Michael Troughton – son of Second Doctor Patrick.

What's the verdict?

Whether you're a Doctor Who addict or a lapsed fan, watching the Time Lord's Christmas adventure is a bona fide tradition – perhaps the closest equivalent we have to the days when the nation crowded around for Morecambe and Wise. Gosh, it really is like time travel.

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