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Mountain Men

History - 9pm

Who's in it?

With his wide-brimmed hat, fat white moustache and twinkly eyes, Tom Oar is everything you could hope for in a rugged mountain-dwelling outdoorsman. He and the rest of the rustic mavericks are back for another season of this brilliant reality show.

In a nutshell

Ever looked around at your synthetic surroundings – the painted walls, the plastic chairs, the glowing screens of your laptop or tablet – and wanted to get "off the grid"? Just unplug and go live like a hermit for a while? Well, watch this series and you'll soon lose THOSE particular fantasies in a hurry. Because, while the "Mountain Men" sure do enjoy the freedom of the great outdoors, it turns out Mother Nature is worse than any housemate you've ever had.

The new run of this reality show begins with a "polar vortex" – and it's always ominous when an actual quirk of nature sounds like a straight-to-DVD disaster movie. Tom Oar's got his work cut out dealing with it, while over in New Mexico we meet up with another gent named Kyle, who wants to teach his son the ways of the mountain men of old. And that means getting to grips, quite literally, with a herd of bison. If the manliest you've ever felt is when you last slopped a steak out of its plastic supermarket packaging, watch and learn.

What's the verdict?

Making us grateful to enjoy the comforts of being "on the grid", but at the same time terribly envious of those brave souls who live and work on the mountains, this is that rare thing: a reality show not solely populated with contemptible morons. Wonders never cease.

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