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What's on Tuesday 13th October

Karl Pilkington: The Moaning of Life

Sky1 - 9pm

Who's in it?

Magnificent miserabilist Karl Pilkington is back again to cast his world-weary, 'Nam veteran eyes over the modern world. Oh dear…

In a nutshell

What, precisely, is Karl Pilkington? Well, we know he resembles a kind of depressed stubbly egg, and moans with an Eeyore-like proficiency. But the question we have to ask is whether the Karl we see on screen is the real, actual person, or a kind of comedy construct, bolted together and let loose on the world by Gervais and Merchant like a kind of world-weary Frankenstein’s monster. Perhaps initially we could accept him as a kind of grumpy innocent or holy fool, incredulous in the face of modern life and culture.

But now that he’s a bona fide celeb in his own right, are we still supposed to believe he’s a wittily naïve outsider who doesn’t “get” the world? Surely he’s playing the part by now, much like Steve Coogan played Alan Partridge? Well, maybe – but the results are always hilarious, so we don’t mind. The new run kicks off with what promises to be some of his most chucklesome escapades yet, as he delves into the world of fine art. That means meeting an artist who creates works from dog poo, and performing semi-naked performance art in the middle of New York City. There are some thing you can’t unsee…

What's the verdict?

The art world is preposterous at the best of times, so it’s tailor made for the Pilkington treatment. And whether he means it or not, his moans always make great telly…

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