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What's on Friday 7th November

I Survived Evil

Really - 10pm

Who's in it?

Buffy's own Charisma Carpenter is back on hosting duties for this series of docudramas detailing harrowing cases of kidnap and torture. A cosy night's viewing, then.

In a nutshell

At first glance, Charisma Carpenter is an odd choice to host a rather disturbing true crime series. She's best known for cavorting with sultry vampires and green-faced demons, after all. But the former Buffy and Angel star is more qualified than most for such a gig, because she herself was involved in a terrifying skirmish with a would-be rapist. Back in 1991, well before she was a celebrity, young Charisma and two of her friends were attacked by a gun-wielding nutcase intent on taking her by force.

In the ensuing scuffle, both her friends were shot – though thankfully survived – and the man was eventually apprehended. So yes, Charisma knows a little bit about evil and how to survive it. Tonight she'll be looking at a particularly dark case of woman who was snatched from her own home and locked away in a box for more than a week of trauma at the hands of a vicious assailant. She lived to tell the detail, but at what cost?

What's the verdict?

Watch it with the lights on and a cushion to hand, and remember Nick Ross from 90s-era Crimewatch: violent crime is really very rare, so don't have nightmares...

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