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Emu (a.k.a. Rod Hull's arm)

Emu (a.k.a. Rod Hull's arm)
Character: Rod Hull's popular puppet became a fixture in children and adult TV during the 1970s, achieving notoriety for attacking famous folk and tearing apart studios.

Appearances: Michael Parkinson, Royal Variety Performance, The Tonight Show. Then went on to star in Emu's World, Emu's All Live Pink Windmill Show and Emu's Broadcasting Company.

Standout moment: Attacking Michael Parkinson on his chat show and making him fall off his chair.

Lowest ebb: When Rod Hull died in 1999 after falling from the roof of his cottage in Rye, East Sussex, while adjusting his TV aerial.

Where are they now? The latest incarnation of the wayward puppet is set to return this autumn. Toby Hull, son of Emu's late creator, will introduce a new-look version of the popular children's character to a new generation of viewers on CITV.

Why are they a hero? Our fascination with Emu is two-fold: Firstly, how the orange-beaked puppet could get away with causing havoc on live TV. And watching the usually-reserved Rod Hull turn into a complete anarchist any time he stuck his arm up his bird's backside.

Factoid: Rod Hull was given Emu as a prop in the 1960s while presenting a children's breakfast programme in Australia.

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