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Character: Loadsamoney, monstrous Thatcher-era cash-in-hand plasterer, the comedy creation of Harry Enfield, with a little help from co-writers Paul Whitehouse and Charlie Higson

Comedy: Saturday Live (1985 - 1987)

Standout moment: Appearing at the Nelson Mandela Birthday Concert at Wembley Stadium in 1988 – he was probably thinking the towers could do with a quick paint job.

Memorable catchphrases: "Bosh, Bosh, Bosh!", "Shut Your Maaaarth!!" and "Look At My Wad!!!"

Lowest ebb: Succumbing to the lure of pop stardom with the inevitable spin-off single, Loadsamoney (Doin' Up The House) in 1988 – artistically somewhere between Alexei Sayle's 'Ello John, Gotta New Motor and The Birdie Song. Incidentally, the song was co- credited to knob-twiddling whizzkid William Orbit, who went on to work with Madonna.

Big screen potential: Far too British to be a movie star in his own right, but chimed perfectly with the materialistic mood of the times. Wall Street had Michael Douglas's Gordon Gecko shouting "Greed Is Good", East London had Loadsamoney just being plain greedy.

Why are they a hero? A tricky one this. A hero for being such an instantly recognisable spot-on character – the Ali G of his day – but one that had its problems. Loadsamoney also found himself championed by the stripey-shirted stockbroker brigade and the working class capitalists that he was sending up.

Factoid: Let's not forget Loadsamoney's lesser-spotted recession- hit Geordie cousin, Bugger All Money.

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