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Take Me To The Edge

Leo Houlding

Take Me To The Edge is a six-part series investigating global rites of passage while pushing the limits of human endurance.

Leo Houlding is a true outdoor enthusiast and sees the world as his organic playground. As a world famous climber, mountaineer, keen snowboarder, surfer, skydiver and BASE jumper, he fully embraces all that the world offers.

In this unique journey, Leo takes five plucky, but inexperienced adults away from their ordinary day-to-day lives and goes with them through their own rites of passage on a global adventure to some of the most extreme countries in the world.

Take Me To The Edge - starts 31st August, 8pm on Virgin1

Watch a preview of the series below

Take Me To The Edge

Take Me To The Edge galllery

The global adventure begins. Take a look at the location shots from the series.

Berghaus Competition

Take Me To The Edge competition

To celebrate Leo Houlding's Take Me To The Edge, we're giving away £700 worth of Berghaus gear.

Leo Houlding

Leo Houlding gallery

The world is his organic playground - check out photos of Leo in action.