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Penis Envy

Penis Envy
Virgin 1 launches on October 1 on Virgin Media, Freeview and digital satellite.
Virgin 1 launches this Autumn with an hour-long documentary on the Great British penis. Promising to be the ultimate investigation into the male appendage Penis Envy finally answers the age old question: what is the average British willy size?

Having undertaken a national research project, The Great British Penis Survey, it explores a subject that is continually talked about but never properly investigated. The programme will investigate the reality of penis envy and how men are increasingly going under the knife in an attempt to supersize their manhood, and why the market for penis enlarging products has trebled in the last 10 years.

In a TV first, the documentary is also inviting men across the UK to take part in a nationwide survey to determine the average UK penis size, which will be revealed on the programme. But it's not all about men. The female point of view will also be fully explored to discover whether they're satisfied with what they're getting!

You can take part in the survey by clicking on the link above.

More information on Virgin 1 here!

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