What kind of parental controls does Fortnite have?

Fortnite is a worldwide gaming phenomenon, but its free-for-all, multiplayer, online nature can make it unsuitable for younger gamers. Thankfully, you can keep Fortnite safe for kids with the right information…

What is Fortnite and why is it so popular?

As of May 2020, Epic Games’ Fortnite had 350 million players worldwide and its mobile version was downloaded 78 million times in the first 12 months of release.

It’s free to play, available on the most popular platforms – PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and iOS – and its environment and ‘battle royale’ gameplay means no two encounters are ever the same. It is one of the most popular games in the world.

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What age rating is Fortnite?

Even though it is essentially a game about killing other people in last-man-standing, ‘battle royale’ contests of 100 online players – using shotguns, axes, sniper rifles and other sillier things, like the Boogie Bomb – there is no on-screen gore and the violence is never too excessive or offensive.

However, Epic Games’ Fortnite still has a PEGI (Pan European Game Information) rating of 12 thanks to “frequent scenes of mild violence”. However, this rating only takes into account the game’s content and doesn’t really consider any offensive or excessive behaviour from its participants via in-game voice or on-screen text chat.

Where to begin with parental controls

Parents can control a number of things kids see and do when playing Fortnite to keep them safe and protected. You can set time limits, police conversations, get playtime reports, block and mute others and generally tailor the game to your specifications.

For the Fortnite-uninitiated, it’s probably worth doing some research on the online game itself and how it plays before you decide which way you should go with regard to Fortnite Parental Controls..

The more you know about the game and how your child uses it, the more you will understand what needs to be monitored and how. You’ll be able to relate to them a lot easier too, which helps during negotiations.

Let’s break it down a bit more clearly…

Fortnite and Twitch: Is your child safe in a streaming environment?

With over 100 million active monthly users, Twitch is a very in-demand live streaming service available to all, and it’s a very popular phenomenon for gamers to stream their skills live on the platform for others to enjoy. In fact, it’s been compared to reality television for the gaming generation.

Unfortunately for parents, it’s impossible to moderate live-streamed content. Anything can happen. The fact that everything occurs in real time means gamers are more likely to act on impulse without considering the consequences, making it a prime arena for cyberbullies and trolls.

If your child is live streaming their play time, it might be a good idea to ask if you can sit in on one of the sessions and get an idea of what actually goes on. Different gamers and groups of gamers will have wildly different ways of using the channel. The more you understand about how your child uses it, the better.

For more information on setting controls across a range of devices, apps and platforms visit Internet Matters

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