How to set up parental controls on a PS5 console

Sony’s PlayStation 5 delivers thrilling next gen gaming as well as raising a question for parents: how can you put limits on your children’s play?

What is the PlayStation 5 and what does it bring?

PlayStation, as a brand, has been synonymous with cool video games for 25 years now, the original box of tricks becoming the first to sell 100 million units worldwide. The early consoles, with their trademark DualShock pads, 3D graphics, and sleek designs, brought older kids and adults into gaming, bolstering a multi-billion dollar industry.

Now the PlayStation 5 is here, boasting Ultra HD visuals, stratospheric levels of immersion; with 4k 60fps graphics, haptic feedback and an SSD drive that loads games at warp speed. All this means the graphics are top spec, in the highest resolution and the games boot up in seconds from starting up the console.

There is even a cheaper, digital-only version of the PS5 without a disc drive. For this one, you’ll need to download all your games and store them on the console’s hard drive. For both versions of the console, ultra-quick and reliable broadband is the best partner for downloading, streaming and playing online with the PlayStation Network.

Why even look at parental controls on a PlayStation 5?

With PS5, as with earlier systems, the engrossing nature of the games is a worry for parents. Schoolwork, going outside, speaking with your family can all go out the window when Spiderman or FIFA are on the mind (and in their hands).

One area parental controls can look at is screen time, with the option to limit playing time directly on the PS5. Another factor is game-age suitability. According to your parenting style and your own children's sensibilities, you may want to lock the machine so they cannot play above their age range. This can be a hard issue to parent when even younger kids are tempted by the marketing of franchises like Fortnite and Call of Duty.

Playstation 5 console and controller with a television in the background

Setting up parental controls on your new PS5

If you have set up parental controls on your PS4, perhaps using our handy guide, then profiles carried over to the new console will see the same settings still apply. When you sign into the PlayStation Network (PSN) on the new machine you’ll be all set. If you want to set up new controls or tweak them, you’ll need to crack on with these steps below.

What parental restrictions are available on PS5

Helpfully, there is a detailed list of settings you can amend and ponder over but if you don’t want to go to that level of detail there are three presets available. These are split into levels: Late Teens or Older, Early Teens, and Child:

Extra parental controls you can apply on PS5

If you really get under the hood with the child safety tools, here are some extra controls you can apply:

  1. Playtime restrictions – set limits on how long and when they can play on the console. Then negotiate bravely.
  2. Restrict online communications – decide if you want your child to be able to send messages or engage in video chat with other players online.
  3. Set spending limits – prevent potentially catastrophic damage to your bank balance by setting monthly spending limits or blocking your kids from spending at all. It’s worth remembering the PS5 generation of games can cost around £65 now!

For more information on setting controls across a range of devices, apps and platforms visit Internet Matters

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