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Posted by Amanda Goodwin    Sustainable growth | Digital for Good

A world’s first for communicating sustainability

31st July 2016



Today, in what we believe is a world's first for any business, we've launched a 360° video to communicate our sustainability progress. 

The video which brings our sustainability programme to life, is hosted on You Tube so head on over to the Virgin Media Sustainability Channel to watch it on your smartphone.

Making good things happen yesterday, today and tomorrow

Everyone at Virgin Media has a part to play in achieving our 5 in 5 sustainability goals and that’s why our approach to sustainability communications for the past two years has been the twinned concept of human and digital. In addition to the 360° video, we also put Virgin Media people at the heart of the report; here’s how:

60-second newsreader style performance videos:

We have one of these for each of our 5 in 5 sustainability goals. Here Caroline Davies (Digital for Good Champion) and Kelly Perks Bevington (Scope Partnership Ambassador) bring you up to speed on our Transforming lives goal

Human infographics:

We have a human infographic for each of our sustainability goals. Here three of the team in our Peterborough site show you how we’re Boosting business in the UK by giving small businesses and entrepreneurs the tools they need to grow.


Boosting business infographic

We think we’re on to something with our approach to sustainability communications but we’d love to know what you think. Drop us a line at


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