How to manage my Virgin Media email account

Learn about the range of tools and features you can use to organise your mailbox and keep it well-maintained.

How to manage my emails

How to set an Out of Office message

  1. Tap = for system Menu > Settings > Email Options > Holiday Notice.
  2. Write your Out of Office message and set when you want it to send.
  3. Tap Enabled For The Following Address, then choose one or more.

How to block an email address

Sign in on your laptop or desktop computer to change these Virgin Media Mail settings and stop unwanted messages reaching you.

How to use search in Virgin Media

Type relevant words or names into your search bar. Before tapping Search or pressing your Enter keyboard button to search, you get the option to refine your filters – if you want, you can choose to search specific:

  • Senders or recipients. Select names below People.
  • Subject lines. Use the search menu’s In Subject option.
  • Folders or dates. Go to Show Advance Filters and choose from the dropdown menu.

Close Search when you’re done.

How to use filtering in Virgin Media mails

With filters turned on, Virgin Media Mail messages can move folders, be forwarded to other email addresses or marked as read – automatically.

How to delete my emails

You can easily control the amount of mail you have by putting emails, conversations and folders in your Trash folder.

How to retrieve deleted email messages

  1. Open your Trash folder.
  2. Select the emails you want to restore.
  3. Tap **More Actions = > Move > choose the folder you want them to go to > Move.

Please note: emails can’t be recovered after they’ve been in your Trash folder for 7 days or you deleted the email from Trash or emptied the folder.

How to use Unified Mail

Do you have several email accounts? Check them all for messages, all at the same time – in one place. Adding a Unified Mail folder to your Virgin Media mailbox will give you an overview of all your Inboxes but the subfolders. Here’s what to do:

  1. Tap = for system Menu > Settings > Email Account.
  2. Choose a non-Virgin Media Mail account, then Edit > Use Unified Mail For This Account > Save.
  3. Open your Unified Mail folder and voila – your messages. Look below the email subject lines for a label naming the email account they were sent to. Those marked Primary Account were received by the address you’re signed in with.

How to use email address book at the top of your screen

Emails are automatically added to your address book when you Reply, Reply All or Forward a message.

If someone’s emailed you for the first time and you want to add them to your contacts before responding; open the message and click their name. On the pop-up window you can tap:

  • Add To Address Book
  • Or New > Add Contact (then enter their details) > Save

When you select a contact in your Address Book, you can:

  • Change their details (= > Edit > Save)
  • Erase their info permanently (Delete > Confirm)