What is Gadget Rescue?

We can fix issues with laptops, computers, tablets, mobile phones, printers and any other gadgets you have at home. For any technical support you need you can chat to a Gadget Rescue expert for free on 0800 014 7398.

We promise to:

  • Remove Virus & Malware infections to get your PC running smoothly again – free of computer viruses
  • Keep all your laptops, tablets, printers and phones running smoothly
  • Be your 24/7 tech buddy to help you get the most out of your cameras, consoles, pretty much all of your gadgets at home
  • We're available 24/7 online and over the phone

How does Gadget Rescue work?

  • Get help whenever you need it, day or night
  • Our support team work remotely, so there's no need to lug your stuff around to get it fixed
  • No need for lengthy waiting on the phone, just connect instantly to live chat!
  • Our team have a broad range of knowledge and can help fix nearly any issue on your devices
  • 93% of issues are fixed first time, impressive

How much does gadget rescue cost?

Total peace of mind starts from just £5 a month for all PCs and gadgets

  • Or you can get a one-off fix for only £60 it's completely up to you
  • Payment added onto your next Virgin Media bill – no digging out your credit card
  • We also provide a 7 day guarantee no fix, no fee
  • If you’ve signed up to our HomeWorks package, then you’re already covered by Gadget Rescue.

Gadget Rescue FAQs

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