How to withhold number on your Virgin landline

Learn how to withhold your number when making calls on your Virgin Media landline.

What is a withheld number?

If you withhold your number, it won’t be available to the person you’ve called. That means your number won’t appear on the recipient’s caller ID, your name won’t display if you’re saved in their contacts, and they won’t be able to identify you by dialling 1471.

How to temporarily withhold number

To withhold your number, simply dial 141 before the phone number you’d like to call. You’ll need to do this any time you want to conceal your number.

How to permanently withhold number

If you’d like to permanently withhold your number, you’ll need to contact our customer service team. Get in touch and we can help you set this up.

How to show caller ID using 1470

If your number is set as permanently withheld, you can switch this off for a single call by dialling 1470 before the number. If you do this, your number will appear in the recipient’s caller ID, and they’ll be able to identify you if they dial 1471 after the call.

How to disable 1471 on your landline

By dialling 1471, you can find out who called you last. Unfortunately, you can’t disable the 1471 feature on your landline. However, you can conceal the number of your last incoming call.

To do this, simply dial 1475 and follow the instructions. You’ll get a call back within a minute confirming the number has been erased. If you dial 1471 again, you’ll find that the number that called has been replaced by "number withheld".

How to withhold number on mobile

Withholding your number on a mobile works a little differently – and depends on what kind of device you have.

Withheld number FAQs

Want to know more about withholding your number on your Virgin Media landline? Check out our FAQs below.

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