How to send emails

There are some common reasons for mail not arriving at its destination. To learn more, please select the option below that matches your issue.

My message was returned as undeliverable

A bounce message, or Delivery Status Notification, lets the sender know that a message wasn't delivered properly. Email providers format their bounce messages differently, but almost all bounces contain details explaining why delivery failed.

To help diagnose the issue, please open the bounce message you received. The details you're looking for are typically near the top of the message, and are mixed in with various diagnostic codes. Below are some sample bounce details. The important text is in bold:

  • PERM_FAILURE: SMTP Error (state 9): 550 mailbox unavailable
  • Diagnostic-Code: SMTP; 550 5.1.1 No such user e8si1321249muf
  • TEMP_FAILURE: DNS Error: Could not contact DNS servers

My message didn't arrive, but I didn't receive any notification that it was undeliverable

If a message you've sent never arrived at its destination, you should first check your Sent Mail. Messages that you send to a mailing list, or to an email address that's automatically forwarding your mail to Virgin Media Mail, will only appear in your Sent Mail.

Click the Sent Objects label at the left of your Virgin Media Mail page to check for the message in question.

If you can't find the message in Sent Objects, you should also check your Drafts label to see if it was auto-saved, but not yet sent. If you found the message in your Sent Objects, make sure the recipient email addresses in the To, Cc, and Bcc fields are correct.

My message was never received, but it appears in my Sent Objects

From time to time, some webmail providers classify Virgin Media Mail messages as spam. Please ask the person you emailed to check his or her junk mail folders for the missing message. If the recipient is still unable to locate your message, they may need to lower the spam filters to receive messages from your Virgin Media Mail account.

I contacted the recipient, but the message was not in their Junk, Spam, or Bin folders

If your message never arrived at its destination, we will need to investigate the delivery issue further. Please get in touch with a member of
the customer service team.


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