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  • Weak security WiFi message on Virgin Media Hub 3

Weak Security’ WiFi message on Virgin Media Hub 3 when using iOS 14

Recently upgraded your iPhone to iOS 14?

You may have noticed a message warning of ‘weak security’ when connecting your phone to your WiFi. This is nothing to worry about and your WiFi is still perfectly secure.

How do I remove the ‘Weak Security’ message from my iPhone?

Mobile/Desktop only wrapper

You will need to update the Hub’s security settings, to do this:

Swipe through

Step 1

Enter into your browser


Step 2

Enter your admin name and password*


Step 3

Once signed in, go to Advanced settings > Wireless 

Step 4

Select the dropdown next to Security and change it to WPA2-PSK **

Step 5

Select Apply changes



After following these steps the Hub will reboot which can take 5 to 10 minutes. Once the Hub has fully rebooted and your iPhone has reconnected to your WiFi the message should no longer be seen.

Virgin Media Hub 3 weak security message

More information

WiFi security standards are constantly being updated in line with new product and software releases and over time, stronger standards emerge.

Please note,

  • If you have a Hub 3 or an older Hub, your WiFi security defaults to ‘WPA-PSK’ ‘WPA2-PSK’ and it’s the older ‘WPA-PSK’ standard that generates the message. To remove the message from your device you need to update the Hub’s security settings to WPA2-PSK.
  • If you have an older wireless device it may only be compatible with WPA-PSK and it may stop connecting to your WiFi if the above changes are made.
  • If you are having a similar issue with a Virgin Media Booster, see Weak Security message on Virgin Media boosters.



*This is printed on a sticker on the base of the Hub if you haven’t changed the password
**Note you’ll need to do this for both the 2.4GHz & 5GHz network if you’ve separated these


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