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How to block certain email addresses

Don't want to receive mail from certain mail addresses? You can blacklist the sender in Virgin Media Mail. This will stop any mail reaching your Inbox.

To set up the blacklist you'll need to sign into webmail at


How to blacklist an email address

  1. Select a message from the email address you wish to blacklist.
  2. Use the Action icon  and then select Blacklist sender.
  3. Check that the correct email address will be added to the Blacklist, and click on Blacklist to confirm.
  4. The sender will be added to your Blacklist and from now on you will no longer recieve emails from this sender in your Inbox.


How to remove an email address from the blacklist

  1. Click the System menu icon  on the right side of the menu bar and then click the Settings menu option.
  2. Exapand the Email options.
  3. Select Blacklist.
  4. Select the email address you wish to remove from the blacklist.
  5. Select Delete selected.
  6. The email address has now been removed from the blacklist and you'll receive mail from this address in to your mailbox.


Using filters

If you want to manage your incoming mail in other ways you can use filters. For more information on how to set up filters, check Using Filters in Virgin Media Mail.

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