How do I use filters in Virgin Media Mail?

Last updated: February 23, 2018

Virgin Media Mail's filters allow you to manage the flow of incoming messages. Using filters, you can automatically:

  • Move messages into a specific folder
  • Forward messages to another email address
  • Mark messages as read

Filters will detect when you receive a new message and automatically take any action that you pre-set.

There are 2 parts to a filter

  • Condition - what condition needs to be met to activate the filter.
  • Action - What action is the filter is to take when the condition is met.
  1. Click the system menu icon  on the right side of the menu bar and click Settings.
  2. Expand the E-mail options.
  3. Select Filter Rules.
  4. Click on Add new rule.
  5. In the Create new rule window, enter a name for your new rule.
  6. Click the Add condition and select what condition that needs to be met.
  7. Click on Add action and choose what action the filter does with the message.

You can add more than one condition to a rule. If you are using more than one condition you can specify whether to apply the filter if any connection is met or if all conditions are met.

To remove a condition or an action, click on the trash icon  next to the condition or action.

Filter example

Ok, you want to set up a filter which moves messages received from into a folder titled 'Virgin Media'.

So, in this example:

  • The Condition to be met is messages received from
  • The Action is to move messages into a 'Virgin Media' folder.

Here is how you would set up the above filter:

  1. Rule name - 'Richard Branson'.
  2. Add condition - Sender/From.
  3. Sender/From - Type '' into the box.
  4. Add action - Move to Folder.
  5. Select folder - 'Virgin Media'.
  6. Click Save


    1. To edit a rule's settings, click on Edit next to the rule. Change the settings in the Edit rule window.

    2. To disable a rule, click on Disable next to the rule.

        To enable a rule, click on Enable next to the rule.

    3. To change the order, hover the mouse pointer over the Move icon next to a rule. Drag the rule up or down and drop it appropriately.

        Note: This function is only available if there are at least two rules.

    4. To delete a rule, click the Delete icon  next to the rule.


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