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How do I change the parental controls for Virgin Media TV apps?

When you’ve got Virgin TV with a Virgin TV V6 or TiVo box then you have access to Apps and Games.

Most of these apps come with their own parental control options and settings, and we’ve got some help on the most popular apps below.

Some Apps & Games on your Virgin TV V6 box can be locked using your normal PIN.

To see the list of apps that can be locked, and to change which apps are locked:

  1. Press Home on the remote
  2. Select Help & Settings
  3. Select Parental Controls
  4. Enter your PIN
  5. Select Lock Apps & Games

You’ll see the Apps in a list, and you can mark them as Blocked, Locked or Unlocked:

  • Blocked - no one can access the app and it will not be shown on your V6 box
  • Locked - you’ll have to enter your Virgin TV PIN before the accessing this app
  • Unlocked - anyone can access this app

When you first come across a guidance-labelled show on BBC iPlayer you will be asked to confirm that you are over 16 years old and if you want to set up the Parental Guidance Lock.

If you do want to set up a lock you’ll be asked to create a PIN which you will be asked for whenever you want to watch a guidance-labelled programme.

Even if you have already set up Parental Controls for your Virgin TV V6 box you will also need to set this up yourself in BBC iPlayer. We recommend that you use your normal four-digit PIN.

To turn off Parental Guidance Lock:

  1. Go to the Settings menu in BBC iPlayer
  2. Select the Parental Guidance option
  3. Enter your PIN again to turn off the lock

Forgot your BBC iPlayer PIN

If you’ve forgotten your PIN, you’ll need to reset the iPlayer app. To do this see, How to reset Parental Guidance Lock on TV devices.

If you subscribe to Netflix, you can control what content is accessible through the Netflix on your Virgin TV V6 box by setting up a Netflix PIN. Once set up, the Netflix PIN will also apply to Netflix through any other device.

Creating a Netflix PIN

NOTE: You’ll have to set the PIN up on a PC or laptop.

You can create a Netflix PIN by visiting and selecting Parental Controls.

You’ll need to enter your Netflix account password before you can set up your PIN:

  1. Enter four numbers into the PIN field (no letters)
  2. Set your viewing restriction level
  3. Click Save

Once you have successfully created your PIN, Netflix will send an email confirming the PIN to the email address you used to create your account.

If you are a former Netflix member and are restarting your service, you may need to set up a new PIN.

Changing Your Netflix PIN

You can change or update your PIN by visiting and selecting Parental Controls.

The PIN must be entered to watch content that is rated above the viewing restriction level that you selected when you set up your PIN.

If you click Play for a restricted title or episode, or if the rating changes between episodes while you are watching, you will be prompted to enter your PIN:

  1. Enter the PIN to play the restricted title
  2. Click Play to watch your movie

Removing Your Netflix PIN

If you already have a PIN enabled and wish to remove it, you can do so by visiting and clicking on Parental Controls. There, you can change the viewing restriction level to the highest setting. This will allow you to watch any title of any rating without entering a PIN.

If your PIN is requested before you stream Netflix content on V6 and you've forgotten your PIN, visit on your PC, laptop, mobile or tablet and select parental controls.

You can control what content and purchases are accessible on Prime Video using a parental control PIN. The PIN can only be set up online by logging into your Amazon account.

Setting up and using your PIN

You can get information about how to set up a PIN from the Parental Control option in the Settings screen of your Amazon Prime account. Here’s how you can set one up.

1.    Sign into your Amazon Prime account

2.    Under the Parental Controls, use the slider to select the content you want to view without restriction

3.    Select View/Edit PIN and then choose your four digit PIN

4.    Under Apply Parental Controls to the following devices, check the Virgin Media set top box, and then save

All set, now your PIN will be required each time before viewing videos at or above your chosen level of parental control. Content that require a PIN to view will be indicated with a padlock icon from the browsing screen.


By default Vevo restricts access to what they deem to be Explicit Content, for example a video that may be of a sensitive nature or specifically labelled as Explicit.

In order to manage access to Explicit Content, you’ll need to have a Vevo account. If you don’t already have a Vevo account you can create one at To create a Vevo account you need to confirm you’re 18 or over.

When you try and play a music video rated as Explicit Content, you’ll be prompted to Activate Vevo if you’ve not already done so. This associates the app to your Vevo account. In order to view age restricted videos on more than on Virgin TV V6 or TiVo box, you’ll need to activate the Vevo app on each Virgin TV V6 or TiVo box separately.

To activate Vevo:

  1. Go to Settings within the Vevo App
  2. Select Activate Device. You’ll be prompted to go to via a desktop, tablet or mobile device
  3. Sign in with your Vevo account, or create one
  4. Enter the unique activation code displayed on screen into the Vevo website

You’ll now be able to toggle the Block Explicit content option within the app to turn this on and off without further verification.

Once you’ve associated your Vevo account with the Vevo app, you’ll also be able to access any of your playlists across all your Vevo devices.

You can lock or block YouTube on your V6 box using the instructions in the ‘Lock Apps & Games’ section above.

When you open YouTube for the first time the Restricted Mode will be set to Enabled. This will hide content you might prefer not to be shown during a search.

To reset this:

  1. Select Settings from the menu
  2. Select Restricted Mode
  3. Choose Disabled

For more information on Parental Controls on YouTube see the YouTube Safety Center's Parent resources.

You can lock or block YouTube Kids on your V6 box using the instructions in the ‘Lock Apps & Games’ section above.

All shows on the ITV Hub are assessed to give a Guidance rating. Where appropriate they will be flagged with a ‘G’ and display Guidance information. Shows with the ‘G’ symbol may have been first shown on telly after the 9pm watershed and/or it may contain some language, violence, sexual scenes, nudity, adult humour or other material that you may not wish your kids to watch. It may also include flashing images or lights that can be a concern for people with photosensitive epilepsy. ITV Hub will ask for a PIN when you try to play any programme with a ‘G’ rating. The PIN you use is the same as your TiVo V6 PIN.

Programmes which carry guidance warnings can only be watched by inserting your PIN. The PIN you use is the same as your TiVo V6 PIN.

The All 4 app has a parental control option, which allows you to restrict access to certain programming. Your PIN can be set at one of two levels: All rated content (16+ years of age only) or 18 rated content only (18+ years of age only). To set the parental control, enter a 4-digit PIN in the Setting section, and choose which level of protection you prefer. We recommend that you use your normal four-digit PIN. The All 4 PIN is linked to the Virgin Media TV box, not the account, and once a PIN has been set up on a specific TV box, it will remain in place regardless of who logs in.

To remove a PIN, go to and fill out the online form. Channel 4 will respond with guidance on using a series of key presses to remove your PIN, and you can then reset it if you wish.

The My5 app has a parental control option, which allows you to restrict access to programming with guidance warnings. To set the parental control, enter a 4-digit PIN in the Setting section. We recommend that you use your normal four-digit PIN.

You can lock or block MTV Play on your V6 box using the instructions in the ‘Lock Apps & Games’ section above.

You can lock or block Pluto TV on your V6 box using the instructions in the ‘Lock Apps & Games’ section above.

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