Essential broadband Terms and Conditions

  1. Existing Virgin Media customers in receipt of Universal Credit are able to apply to move their plan to Virgin Media Essential broadband by completing the application form found here
  2. Customers applying will not be eligible if they are currently in arrears or on a scheduled repayment plan.
  3. In the event of a successful application, your existing services will be migrated to our Essential broadband 15Mbps. This broadband service is governed by our standard terms and conditions shown here
  4. If you currently receive TV or landline services from us, these services will be terminated if and when you migrate to Essential broadband. You’ll need to ensure you have an alternative method of making calls, such as a mobile. If you rely on your landline for emergency calls, telehealth alarms or care devices (or other services that are supported by your landline) Essential broadband may not be right for you at this time.
  5. If you migrate to our Essential broadband tariff, you will be ineligible for any future new customer discounts if and when you decide to migrate.
  6. If you currently have an Oomph bundle that includes a mobile SIM, you will need to transfer your SIM to one of our current Virgin Mobile SIM only tariffs or cancel it. If your Oomph bundle includes a Freestyle handset agreement, this will be unaffected by a migration to Essential broadband and your monthly payment will need to be paid as normal.
  7. You’ll need to submit evidence when requested to demonstrate you are still in receipt of Universal Credit to continue to receive Essential broadband at £15 per month. If you do not submit this evidence, your bill will increase to £23 per month. Once evidence is submitted and accepted, your monthly charge will revert to £15 per month.
  8. If you migrate to our Essential broadband tariff, your price won’t change whilst you are receiving Universal Credit payments.