Your Broadband Speeds Explained

We set out all your broadband speed information in a handy table in the contract we send to you. You can also find a copy of your contract in MyVirginMedia to download and print later. In particular we set out the estimated normally available speeds and the minimum download and upload speeds from our Network to your Virgin Media Hub, which applied on the day you ordered your services.   For customers who wish to see what our estimated speeds are today, you can find more information on Our Speed Page (click here) but these may be more recent (and therefore different) from the speeds estimated in your contract.

Broadband Speeds

Actual speeds may vary from the advertised speed of your service, particularly at peak times and the actual speed you experience may be lower than estimated. This is due to a number of factors that may not be within our control and include your use of WiFi, the device you are using, your internal wiring and the number of users online and accessing a particular website. At peak times, high usage e.g. due to major sporting events, may cause congestion. For more info on estimated speeds, how speeds for some packages may be affected by policies such as fair usage and traffic management, and other reasons why broadband speeds may vary, or for help, visit Our Speed Page (click here) where you can also find out about our membership of Ofcom’s Broadband Speeds Code of Practice. On the Ofcom website, you can find a copy Ofcom’s customer guide to the Residential Codes (click here), and Business Codes (click here).

Guaranteed Download Speed and Cancellation

Minimum Guaranteed Download Speed:

The guarantee applies to new customers that buy new broadband services, or existing customers that change their broadband service or re contract their existing broadband service on or after 28th February 2019. The guaranteed download speed is 50% of the advertised speed of our service on the date that you placed the order and is set out in the speeds table we send you. You need to keep your Virgin Media Hub plugged in, switched on and set to enable us to obtain speed information from it, which will help us to diagnose any problems. The minimum download speed guarantee does not apply to outages. If you experience an outage which affects your broadband services please contact us.

What does the Minimum Guaranteed Download Speed mean?

If the actual download speed provided from our network to your Virgin Media Hub falls below the Minimum Guaranteed Download Speed, and this happens for 3 consecutive days or more (whether continuously or intermittently during each day), and we are unable to fix the problem within 30 days of you reporting the problem to us, [[you may have the right to end your agreement without paying an Early Disconnection Fee. ]] You need to contact us if you have a speed problem via the contact us page (click here).

How do I end my agreement?

Section N of the Terms and Conditions (click here) explains generally how you can end your agreement. If we do not provide the Minimum Guaranteed Download Speed as set out above (i.e. we have not remedied the speed problem within 30 days of your notifying us or we cannot address the problem) then we will offer you the opportunity to end your agreement immediately, without the payment of an Early Disconnection Fee. In exceptional circumstances (for example where you cancel engineer visits or miss appointments) we may extend the 30 days but we will always discuss this with you beforehand.