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Local Authorities and Housing Associations

Fast, reliable broadband connectivity (known as the 4th utility) is the number 1 priority for  local authorities serious about digital inclusion. It provides the power to transform lives, create opportunities and can prevent social isolation. So don’t be slow to implement ultrafast Fibre to ensure your residents don’t miss out. 



Doing more for our communities

We have a long-standing promise to make sure the power of connectivity benefits our customers and our communities .

Our Digital for Good campaign is all about giving people who need it most a helping hand, learning new skills, enjoying better technology and improving access. And the great news is that all the costs for delivering the network to your residents will be met by Virgin Media and it won’t cost you a single penny.



Trust us to deliver

We’re experts in the public sector and one of the largest providers of networking services in the UK too. We helped to build the Public Services Network (PSN) which is used by most of the UK’s public sector from Central Government to health and social care. We help them to work smarter, to cut costs, get more from their technology as well as being full secure and compliant.


How we connect your buildings

Once we’ve decided to connect your neighbourhood to the network, we’ll make initial contact and set up a meeting. We’ll let you know about the great benefits of being part of our network. At this stage all we need is your stock-list of premises so we’ll be able to give you an idea of which ones we can digitally enable with our ultrafast fibre technology. Then there are just a few more things we need to consider:


We need permission from the owner of the land or property to allow us to lay fibre optic cables and install a network access point. This permission has to be in writing and takes the form of an access agreement called a Wayleave.


Find out further information about Wayleave access agreements


Once the Wayleave agreement has been signed, we’ll work with you to agree plans for the build activity. We’ll let you know before we start work on your premises and a friendly Virgin Media representative will be on hand to answer any questions. We will work with you to ensure there is minimal inconvenience and disruption.

Construction and cabling

The great news is that for construction and cabling we don’t need access to residents’ homes.

When everything’s ready for the network to be installed, we will lay fibre optic cables in a narrow trench under the roads and pavements up to a small access point on the boundary between the highway and the front of the property. A multi-dwelling property or apartment block will require a bespoke cabling plan pre-agreed between yourselves and a build engineer.

All construction is carried out by qualified, insured civil contractors and is usually complete within a few days.

Ready to go

There’s no obligation for your residents to choose services with Virgin Media, but now they will be able to make the most of our services, if they wish to do so. As well as the benefits of e-commerce, which will make communication easier and cheaper for you, they will be able to stream, browse, watch and play to their heart’s content.

We’ll let residents know about the great services and offers we can provide from our ultrafast widely available optical fibre network.


If residents choose to become Virgin Media customers, then it’s up to them to get in touch and we’ll agree an installation with them. One of our friendly engineers will get them up and running. The cabling will be fitted as part of their installation. They’ll also have the opportunity to agree the cabling route with us.

Want to know more

Learn more about Local Authorities and Housing Associations

Call us on 0800 479 1111 or send a message using the form below.

Wayleave FAQs

Local authorities and housing associations

No. If we come and carry out the work it won’t cost you a penny. All the costs are met by us. Similarly, if we find that we’re unable to come, you won’t be charged.

Virgin Media boasts the UK’s fastest widely available broadband, with high download speeds available alongside unlimited downloads, perfect for serious streaming, gaming and downloading.

We also offer supercharged entertainment, with up to 260+ channels available from Virgin TV depending on your selected package at home and up to 120 on the go with the Virgin TV Anywhere app, in places where you have WiFi.

Yes. Minimising disruption to tenants and residents in the area is very important to us, so we always stay in regular contact throughout the build process.

We take data protection very seriously. We don’t require specific customer information from you at any point and are more than happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement to assure your confidence in us.

We understand that buildings require maintenance and refurbishment from time to time. All we ask is that you let us know if you plan to carry out any work which could have a negative effect on our apparatus.

Absolutely! As well as the usual fantastic offers we have available for new customers, your residents may be eligible for our bespoke Social Inclusion package. Sounds fancy right?

If we decide to build, we will work with you to ensure that there is minimal impact to the aesthetics of the properties and we will fully re-instate any surface that is disrupted as part of this work, should we cause any.

Of course. Just head to the New Build area of our website for more information, where you can submit details of the development.

A pre-wire would normally be carried out on a block of flats. It involves cabling into the individual premises that lead back to an individual lockbox in the building.

Pre-wiring a property allows all cabling to be done at once, meaning tenants can gain faster access to our services without the need for additional cables to be installed in communal areas.