Virgin TV Ultra HD

Experience the ultimate in picture quality on even the biggest screens, with incredible 4K clarity.


Pin-sharp picture quality

4K Ultra HD is towards the top end of the spectrum when it comes to picture clarity. As TVs have grown, so has the need for sharper images.

Imagine taking a picture from an old 14-inch TV and expanding it to fit one of today’s supersized screens. You’d be hard-pressed to watch for long, thanks to the fuzzy outlines and lack of detail.

With 4K Ultra HD, the biggest screens now display every detail with incredible clarity.

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What is 4K Ultra HD?

What is 4K Ultra HD?

The name 4K comes from the number of pixels used on the width of a screen – roughly four thousand. That’s nearly four times as many as the high definition (HD) telly you already love.

With 4K Ultra HD, you’ll see every tiny detail in diamond-sharp definition, making images more life-like than ever before.

So you’ll be whisked from the sofa right into the heart of the action, from inspecting evidence on your favourite crime shows to dicing with death in heart-stopping horror movies. We recommend having a cushion to hand – perfect for hiding behind.

What can you watch on Virgin TV Ultra HD?

What can you watch on Virgin TV Ultra HD?

Our very own 4K-friendly Virgin TV Ultra HD channel is packed with must-see series, spine-tingling concerts and eye-popping documentaries, all in stunning Ultra HD.

With pin-sharp pictures, you’ll feel like you’re in the room with your favourite characters, tuning up with the band or exploring the planet first-hand. What’s more, there are no adverts, so you can get truly immersed in every experience.

If you’re a Virgin Media Maxit TV customer, you’ll find Virgin TV Ultra HD through your Virgin TV box on channel 228 or 999.

How does Ultra High Definition compare to Full High Definition?

Full High Definition has been around for a while now, and is still fine on smaller screens. For up-close clarity on larger TVs and other big screens though, Ultra High Definition really is head and shoulders above.

With nearly four times the number of pixels per inch, UHD offers a real leap in terms of picture quality. That means more life-like images and incredible detail, even on the biggest screens.

Many TV channels now broadcast in FHD, but more UHD content is being added all the time.

Virgin TV Ultra HD is included in our Maxit TV pack and features everything from drama and documentaries to concerts where you feel like you’re there in the crowd. With Virgin Media Maxit TV, you’ll also get BT Sport in 4K Ultra HD. And, like all our packages, you can access BBC iPlayer’s UHD shows through your Virgin TV box.

You can also access plenty of 4K Ultra HD content on Amazon Prime and Netflix (f you subscribe).

Enjoy box sets and new film releases in stunning UHD

The 4K Ultra HD revolution has arrived, and with it a flurry of fantastic content to watch or stream on even the biggest screen.

Dive into the hottest box sets and latest film releases in dazzling detail. Soar over rainforests and rivers, immerse yourself in epic love stories or get a close-up on the evidence in your favourite police procedural – all from the comfort of your sofa.

Virgin Media’s dedicated UHD channel is a great place to start your 4K Ultra HD adventure. You’ll find Virgin TV Ultra HD on channel 228 or 999.

Free streaming apps like BBC iPlayer, along with subscription services like Amazon Prime and Netflix (when you subscribe) also host a growing range of UHD box sets and movies.

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Sky Entertainment in Ultra HD

Sky Entertainment in Ultra HD

You can now get a selection of top-notch TV shows in Ultra HD from Sky, with up to four times the clarity of standard HD. As well as the latest instalments of top box sets, you’ll find new movie releases to enjoy in pixel-packed Ultra HD.

You may need to upgrade your bundle (at extra cost) to enjoy Ultra HD content on Sky.

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Sky Cinema On Demand in Ultra HD

Sky Cinema On Demand in Ultra HD

Bring movie night into sharper focus, with crystal clear scenes from your favourite films. Catch every lovelorn rom-com look, see bank heists in brilliant detail and scare yourself silly with Ultra HD horror films.

If you’re a Sky Cinema subscriber with Virgin Media, you can find a selection of Ultra High Definition titles through Sky Cinema On Demand on your Virgin TV box.

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Get crystal clear 4K Ultra HD all over the house

Our Virgin TV 360 box lets you watch and stream on loads of screens. Just add a Mini box for an extra charge or open the Virgin TV Go app on a compatible device to enjoy multiroom viewing.

Whether it’s the main 360 box or the Mini box in your bedroom, all Virgin TV 360 boxes are 4K and HDR-ready, so you’re all set to watch in pixel-packed Ultra HD on channels including Virgin TV Ultra HD and BT Sport Ultimate, even if you’ve been banished from the sofa.

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Start building your bundle

Take your pick from our speedy Virgin Fibre broadband options, throw in the TV you love and even add a Virgin Landline or a superfast SIM. With everything in one feature-packed bundle, you can enjoy the best of all worlds.

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The legal stuff

LG TV or £200 bill credit:

• This offer is available to new Virgin Media customers ordering the Bigger bundle + Sports, Bigger bundle + Movies, Bigger bundle + Sports & Movies or the Ultimate Volt bundle online.
• The bundle needs to be ordered between 17th January 2022 and 11.59pm on 20th January 2022.
• Your contract runs for 18 months.
• This offer can’t be used with another offer.
• A household can only claim 1 TV or 1 bill credit amount.
• We can remove this offer at any time.
• Prices may change during your contract.
• We can’t offer cash or anything else in place of this offer.
• You won’t be able to keep your TV or bill credit if:
• You cancel your services before they’re installed or before the end of your 14 day cancellation period.
• You downgrade your bundle before your services are installed or before the end of your 14 day cancellation period.

Virgin Media £200 bill credit: This offer is available to new Virgin Media customers ordering the Bigger bundle + Sports, Bigger bundle + Movies, Bigger bundle + Sports & Movies or the Ultimate Volt bundle online. This bill credit will be applied to your first bill. Any that’s left over will be applied to your following bills until it’s all used. This offer runs between 17th January 2022 and 11.59pm on 20th January 2022.

Your price will not increase during the minimum period except for broadband only packages.


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What is a minimum period?

When you take any services from Virgin Media you will be committing to taking that service for a minimum amount of time (e.g., 18 months). Virgin Media call this a minimum period, minimum term or minimum commitment period but they mean the same thing. Please check your basket for details of the minimum period that applies to the services you have chosen.

What if I cancel or move home?
If you cancel during the minimum period, you may need to pay an early disconnection fee, including when you move to a property outside of the Virgin Media Network area – this is because you will be asking to cancel your services early. The Virgin Media network does not cover all of the UK – please use our postcode checker here to check availability. You can find more details on the early disconnection fee and process by visiting the Legal Stuff section of the website here. For the full terms and conditions please click here.