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Don’t get lost when you’re trying to find the stuff you love with our handy guide to the updated Virgin TV 360 home screen

By Virgin Media

Nobody wants to fish the cutlery out of the aquarium. And it would be quite unusual if you kept your summer duvet in the oven for safe keeping. So, if you wouldn’t live in a home where all your belongings were in random places, why should navigating around your telly be any different?


With Virgin TV 360, finding what you want to watch is an absolute doddle. So you can spend less time looking and more time watching. And now it’s even easier with a swanky new update that makes it even easier to find what you love, continue what you were watching and discover you next big binge – and what’s more, it’s all personalised to you. Here’s where to find what…


Personal Home

Your telly journey starts with the new Personal Home Screen. Dive straight into all the channels, shows and apps you love, with options tailored just for you. Want to pick up where you left off? Head to Continue Watching. Looking to browse your Watchlists? They’re all right here. And if you’ve Rented a film or want to scroll through your Recordings, they’re here too.


What’s more, your personalised recommendations aren’t affected by what the rest of the family watches, so you get straight to the TV you actually like (handy when the little ones have been watching the same show for the last six months). To get to the Home fast, press the Home button on your Virgin TV 360 remote.


Catch Up

Find all the stuff you missed, right here, plus our pick of the shows from the last 30 days, handily sorted so you get to the best stuff quickly. Plus, the new Catch Up Catalogue makes it even easier to find.


Press the Home button on your Virgin TV 360 remote and highlight or move right to Catch Up then press OK to see all the catch-up content available. You’ll see our top picks and recommendations. You can also use your voice to get here by pressing the microphone button and saying, “Catch Up”.



From the homescreen highlight Recordings and press OK. Here you’ll find all your recordings and you’ll also be able to check out anything you’ve got lined up to record in Planned Recordings.


Want to get there fast? Highlight Recordings in the Home menu and press OK. Or if you want to flex that voice, press the microphone button and say, “Recordings”.



The fastest way to find out what’s on. Here, you can find all your channels. If a show has already started, you can use Startover to watch from the beginning.


To get to the Guide fast, highlight Guide on the homescreen and press OK. Alternatively, you can press the Guide button on your Virgin TV 360 remote, or hold the microphone button and say, “Guide”.


We always provide our customers with the best possible viewing experience. That’s why we’ve replaced SD channels with the HD channels included in your TV package, so you’ll always be watching the highest quality shows. Check out your Virgin TV 360 channel guide for the latest updates on what you can watch.



Love your TV apps? The gang’s all here in your Virgin TV 360 box. We’ve got more of the UK’s most popular telly apps available in one place, from one remote. And with Voice Search and Control, plus the power of our fibre, you can quickly search, find and jump right into apps like Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube and BBC iPlayer.


Hit the Home button and highlight Apps in the Home screen and press OK to watch them here. Did you know you can get to any app instantly by pressing the microphone button on your Virgin TV remote and saying its name. Try it.


Box Sets & Movies

Ready to binge the next big thing? Virgin TV 360 is bursting with much-loved TV Box Sets and Movies, all available to watch on demand for customers with Maxit TV. And don’t miss exclusives on our pixel-packed Virgin TV Ultra HD channel. With our pick of epic series, concerts and documentaries available with up to 4x the clarity of standard HD, it’s the next best thing to being there.


Highlight Box Sets & Movies in the Home menu and press OK to see everything you can watch sorted into handy categories. Alternatively, press the microphone button and say, “Box Sets”.


Want even more Virgin TV 360 tips?

Want to discover the secrets of your new remote control, check out your channel guide or find out the best things you can ask your telly to do? Find all this and more here.

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TV channels: Channels, content and features available depend on your chosen package. Channel line-ups and content are subject to change at any time and to regional variations.

HD: HD TV required to view HD channels. Number of inclusive HD channels depends on package.

Virgin TV 360 Box: Minimum of M50 Fibre Broadband required for operation. Boxes require a HDMI cable to connect to your TV.

Amazon Prime Video: Amazon Prime subscription required at extra cost. 18+. Click here for T&Cs.

Netflix: Netflix subscription required at extra cost.