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Prevent little eyes from seeing something they shouldn’t with this secure and simple tip

Netflix Pin Protect tip

With its vast array of addictive series and thrilling films, Netflix offers hours of cracking entertainment. However, as thrilling as this plethora of tantalising telly may be, certain content might not be appropriate for any little ones fiddling with the remote while your back is turned.


As such, those clever people at Netflix have come up with Pin Protect – a quick, simple and (crucially) secure way to ensure prying eyes don’t see anything they shouldn’t.

Sound good? Then check out our step-by-step guide below to activate Pin Protect and keep your favourite content safe…


1. Visit and enter your login details.

2. Click “Create PIN”.

3. Choose your PIN and select the “Content Buckets” you would like to include in the PIN Protection (for example, Little Kids, Older Kids, Teens or Adults).

4. Save all of your selections.

And then rejoice, for your content is safe. Just make sure to remember your PIN!

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