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Fed up with getting dusty knees to fetch your WiFi password? It has never been easier to find and share your WiFi network password with friends and family

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It’s a moment played out in every home that has internet access in every country across the world. You friend asks you for the WiFi password (normally within five minutes of entering your house), and because you’ve sensibly picked a hard one, you can’t remember it.


Long gone are the days crawling on all-fours trying to find the WiFi code or faffing around with long passwords for your guests. If you’re a Virgin Media broadband customer, it couldn’t be easier to share your WiFi network password. All you need to do is…


1. Download the Virgin Media Connect app

2. Log in using your usual Virgin Media broadband credentials

3. Select the Home tab. From here, you can give friends or family instant access to your WiFi by showing or sharing the QR code on screen


If at any point you want to revoke or pause access to a device, you can also select the Broadband tab. From there, you can pause any device you want*. Simple.


Download the free Connect app for iOS devices

Download the free Connect app for Android devices


Here’s what else you can do with the Connect app.



If you don’t have Virgin Media WiFi, there are other ways to share a WiFi password.


How to share your WiFi password on an Apple device

1. Make sure your device (the one sharing the password) is unlocked and connected to the WiFi network with Bluetooth turned on

2. Select the WiFi network on the device you want to connect.

3. On your device, tap Share Password, then tap Done.


If that doesn’t work, the other person will need to manually enter the password.


How to share your WiFi password on an Android device

1. Open Settings on your device, then select Network & Internet > WiFi.

2. In Saved networks, tap the network you want to share. 

3. If the other device has as a camera, tap the Share button, and use that device to scan the QR code that appears.


If that doesn’t work, the other person will need to manually enter the password that appears below the QR code.


*We are currently experiencing some issues with the pause/unpause feature on the Hub 5x. You may experience some issues when using this feature with this particular type of Hub. We’re working hard in the background to fix this ASAP. Apologies for any inconvenience.

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Virgin Media Connect app: Requires compatible iOS/Android mobile or tablet. Virgin Mobile customers: the app will work on a device where a Virgin Mobile SIM is present and setup has been completed. Virgin Fibre customers: the app will work on a device where setup has been completed using My Virgin Media account details. Virgin Fibre customers can use the Connect app on up to 7 devices at any one time and benefit from Virgin Media's WiFi hotspots whilst out and about. For setup: Mobile data connection required for Virgin Mobile customers. Internet (mobile data or WiFi) connection required for Virgin Fibre customers. UK only. Experience varies by location and number of users. It’s not always possible to guarantee that we’ll be able to offer this app on every device, platform and operating system version or variant. Terms and conditions apply.