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Get more from Virgin TV with our guide to the little symbols that appear on your screen

By Virgin TV Edit

Have you ever seen a padlock on your screen and wondered what it means? Or you’ve contemplated the difference between a red circle, a partially full red circle and a red outline circle with an exclamation mark in it? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you out.


Whether you’ve got Virgin TV 360 or Stream from Virgin Media, or our Virgin TV V6 box (powered by TiVo®) or Virgin TV TiVo box, we’ve got a guide for you.


These little icons are there to help make your Virgin TV viewing even better. From info about whether a programme is available on catch up to the progress of your recording, it’s good to be in the know. Learn about each symbol with our handy Icon Guide, then head to the bottom to download the mobile version.


Swot up on all your little icons below…

For Virgin TV 360 and Stream customers


For V6 box and TiVo box customers

Download your mobile icon guide here

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