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With kids online more than ever, helping them to stay safe, informed and aware has never been more important

F-Secure Family Rules

You’ve probably seen your children with their faces glued to their smartphone at some point or another. At a time when a quarter of kids under the age of six have a smartphone, the boundaries between the digital and physical worlds are getting smaller.


The protection you put on your child’s phone is all about keeping them safe from online threats. And while you may be more aware of these dangers than ever before, your kids probably know how to navigate and use their favourite apps and websites better than you do. Even if you don’t want to admit it!

That’s where F-Secure and Virgin Media can help. F-Secure’s “Family Rules” feature, part of the F-Secure SAFE internet security product, is designed to help both you and your child understand and identify these issues and set parameters.


How F-Secure can help

It’s simple really. When you’re installing F-Secure SAFE onto your kids’ devices, Family Rules helps you to walk through and explain the dangers your child may encounter on the web and in their apps, and advises on how to avoid them.


Family Rules also provides a set of tools to help manage your kids’ screen time, filter content to prevent them from accessing undesirable websites, and even locate their mobile devices remotely – a handy feature for us all really!

What you can do 

Keeping up with developments in technology is key to staying on top of your child’s online activity. And nothing beats first-hand experience. If your children use social media platforms to communicate, consider familiarising yourself with the platforms and the kind of activity they facilitate by creating a personal profile.


You don’t need to become an expert, but a deeper level of knowledge and experience will go a long way towards helping them stay safe online, and help aid any conversations on the matter between yourself and your child.



Find out more about F-Secure SAFE

All Virgin Media customers can get F-Secure SAFE and protect up to five of the family’s smartphones, tablets or computers. It’s FREE for the first 12 months (normal RRP is £79.99). There’s no upfront commitment as credit card details are taken at the end of the free period. After that, it’s just £25 per year. To get protected, simply register here, then install F-Secure SAFE onto all your devices.


To learn even more about F-Secure SAFE’s features, click here.

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F-Secure Virgin Media Customer Offer: Registration and installation required. The 12 months free period is only available once per Virgin Media customer. Not available on BlackBerry Operating System. Current retail price £79.99. Up to 5 devices.