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Whether your children have got their own new devices or pester you to play on your phone or watch TV on your tablet, it’s important to make sure they are safe while using all apps

App Control with F-Secure

For kids, apps are the easiest (and let’s be honest, most fun) way to use a phone, but as with anything connected to the internet, they need monitoring to ensure that they are safe.


There’s a really easy way to do this with App Control from F-Secure. This simple feature can help give you the confidence of knowing that your little ones are only using the apps they should, whether they’re with you, on the bus or in their bedrooms. Read on to find out more and see how Virgin Media customers can get F-Secure SAFE free for the first 12 months. 


What is App Control?

App Control is part of the Family Rules feature and is available for Android devices in our F-Secure SAFE internet security product. These tools allow them to enjoy all the good stuff online while you can set healthy boundaries that protect your children’s wellbeing as well.


How do you use it?

The Family Rules setup wizard guides you through setting up App Control on your child’s Android device. In there you can decide how you want F-Secure SAFE to treat new apps and set limits on apps that are already installed.


What limits can you set?

“Allowed” applications have no restrictions, “Blocked” applications are never allowed to be accessed and “Time-Limited” applications are restricted within the total time limits you assign with your kids.

The aim of Family Rules is to always include your children in the setting of limits so they understand how those limits can expand with time and even if they are being particularly well-behaved (fingers crossed!)

These limits can also be flexed over different times in the week. By following the recommendations based on your child’s age, you can set different time limits for both weekdays and weekends that allow for more free time and maybe even a later bedtime.


What else can you limit?

In addition to the apps they use, your child’s search results can also be filtered based on the settings you pick together.

You can also check and edit your child’s settings through the My F-Secure Account on your device wherever you go, which gives you peace of mind all the time. And you can also rest easy knowing your child has protection from online threats, whether those threats are viruses, bad websites or inappropriate content.


Find out more about F-Secure SAFE

All Virgin Media customers can get F-Secure SAFE and protect up to five of the family’s smartphones, tablets or computers. It’s FREE for the first 12 months (normal RRP is £79.99). There’s no upfront commitment as credit card details are taken at the end of the free period. After that, it’s just £25 per year. To get protected, simply register here, then install F-Secure SAFE onto all your devices.


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F-Secure Virgin Media Customer Offer: Registration and installation required. The 12 months free period is only available once per Virgin Media customer. Not available on BlackBerry Operating System. Current retail price £79.99. Up to 5 devices.