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With these handy tips from Internet Matters and Virgin Media, no little one will see things they shouldn’t online…

By Virgin TV Edit

Now, more than ever, staying connected and entertained on our devices, consoles or that super high-tech kettle your father-in-law bought you for Christmas is crucial.


But, with cutting-edge tech and the possibilities they present come a risks, with amazingly intuitive devices making it even easier for little ones to stray into the wilds of the internet and see something they shouldn’t… or buy a boat and book a hotel room in Berlin.


Luckily, Internet Matters and Virgin Media are on hand with a plethora of handy tips to keep your devices, and theirs, as safe and secure as your grandmother’s recipe book.


Whether it’s helping you set up your kids’ vast array of devices, reporting issues or providing countless easy-to-read leaflets, Internet Matters have covered all bases in ensuring each and every device as little-one proof as possible.


Itching for some more security? Fear not… simply read on below to turn any and all devices into Fort Knox-esque havens of danger-free browsing…

Oh, and before you get securing each and every device you (and they!) can get their mitts on, check out how F-Secure can help educate both you and your little ones on how to identify dangers on the internet!


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