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Kart racing arrives in a different dimension with this innovative (and jaw-dropping) new Mario Kart title from Nintendo…

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Few video game companies possess the ability to make children and adults alike jump for joy when announcing a new release like Nintendo. The announcement of Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit back in September caused just that reaction, for very, very good reason.


Part kart racer, part augmented-reality game, Mario Kart Live takes the long-standing Mario Kart franchise into an entirely different dimension for the first time in the series’ 28-year history… the real world! 

Where past titles now seem relatively straightforward in keeping the tracks, karts and chaos-inducing power-ups to the digital realm, Mario Kart Live sees players do battle with one another and Mario’s roster of fellow racers in their own living rooms.


With the remote-control kart (controlled via the Switch) and a number of cardboard gates that can be positioned around a room to map out and build courses, players can now literally race along their hallways, under tables, chairs or around the dog’s bed.


It really is as brilliantly bonkers as it sounds, and looks an absolute blast to play. It’s the kind of game that makes you wonder what it’ll take to blow the minds of kids who will grow up with Mario Kart Live as their gaming starting point, as opposed to the blocky, pixelated racers of old. Speaking of which…


Mind-bendingly innovative as Mario Kart Live may seem, it isn’t the first time Nintendo have managed to take one of the best (if not the best) karting franchises in gaming to the next level with a simple yet fantastically fresh twist that completely changes everything you ever knew about blue shells and bananas.


So before you get ordering your copy of Mario Kart Live and jotting down rough sketches of living-room based circuits (Rainbow Road? Pfft, we’re all about Out-The-Bedroom-Into-The-Bathroom-And-Back-Again Boulevard), check out the evolution of Mario Kart over the years with our kart-tastic, clickable infographic below…



When will Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit be available to play?

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit will be available to download and play on Nintendo Switch from Friday 16 October.

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