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From A-Day to Joe Fixit, this A-Z has got it covered…

Marvel’s Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers is going to be a game like no other. Besides letting you live out your Super Hero fantasy by playing as Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in an original Avengers story, this third-person action-adventure game draws on more than 80 years of Avengers comic-book lore.


Want to know more? Check out our comprehensive A-Z on everything you need to know about the game to date!

The A-Z of Marvel’s Avengers



The game begins during A-Day, an event where the Avengers are unveiling a high-tech headquarters in San Francisco, as well as a new helicarrier, powered by an experimental energy source.


Black Widow

Voiced by Laura Bailey, Natasha Romanoff is highly skilled and agile, as you’d expect from a super-assassin. She can even go full stealth mode (read: invisible!).


Captain America

Steve Rogers, voiced by Jeff Schine, has all of Cap’s super strength and fighting skills. Plus, he can wield a mighty, original design of Cap’s trademark shield pretty darn well.



It’s being developed by Crystal Dynamics (Tomb Raider) and Eidos-Montréal, and published by Square Enix, all working in collaboration with Marvel Entertainment.



We’ll be announcing incredible exclusives, ultimate gaming opportunities, money-can’t buy experiences, in-game perks, surprises, competitions, plus loads more super Marvel’s Avengers stuff very, very soon.



In the latest footage released by Square Enix, Nick Fury himself is name checked, and Maria Hill even pops up on the Avengers’ intercom.


Golden Gate Bridge

The Marvel’s Avengers story begins on the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco!



Troy Baker voices Bruce Banner. His alter ego, the Hulk, voiced by Darin De Paul, can smash and grab enemies like straw dolls and throw them around with as much ease.


Iron Man

Tony Stark is voiced by Nolan North (the Uncharted series’ Nathan Drake). The Armoured Avenger has the ability to fly and can dispense the entirety of his wonderful tech at foes.


Jump in time

After the devastating accident at the end of the prologue, the action moves forward five years, with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes disbanded.


Kamala Khan

A self-avowed Avengers fan, in the game’s original story, Kamala Khan must apply her intellect, optimism, and unique abilities to the task of unravelling a global conspiracy and reassembling her personal heroes in time to stop a new secretive organisation, Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM), before they unleash one of the greatest threats Earth has ever faced.



From Mjölnir, of course, but only the worthy may wield it.



Each Avenger has distinct moves and skills that you’ll need to use properly and wisely at certain points throughout the game. Stay tuned for a full breakdown soon!


New footage

The gameplay footage released ahead of Gamescom has given us an even better look at Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and what to expect in the game. Check it out:



Online co-operative multiplayer

There will be more announcements on how multiplayer works in the game very soon, but it promises to be an incredibly immersive experience, with teams of up to four players assembling online.



Hank Pym of course, though his role is still a mystery in the game. However, this old-school Avenger did show up in the trailer of the game shown at E3 2019!



The Quinjet is just one vehicle we see during A-Day. The Avengers’ jet first appeared in Avengers issue #61, released in February 1969.


Repulsor blasts

As in the comics, Iron Man’s primary weapon is built into his armour’s palms and it is a high-density muon-beam. They blend seamlessly from long-range sniping to close-quarters blasting and even mid-flight strafing runs.



We heard reference to Nick Fury and Tony chatting to Maria Hill during the A-Day disaster; we can’t wait to see what happens five years after A-Day!



The Asgardian prince, voiced by Travis Willingham, is super strong, and he has a thunderous hammer, Mjölnir, that he can throw and summon back to him at will.


Untold story

The developers took their unique ideas and looked at decades of comics to create a brand new and original storyline.



We know from the demo that Tony Masters, aka Taskmaster, plays a key early role. He has photographic reflexes, meaning that he can learn his opponents’ moves and emulate them.


West Coast

The action begins in San Francisco. In the comics, this was the home of the West Coast Avengers.


eXplore the world of the game

Developer Crystal Dynamics has said that the team will travel further afield than just the San Fran we’ve seen so far.


Years of narrative-expanding content

Crystal Dynamics has announced that the game’s future is bright, with expanding stories, regions to explore and new heroes being released at no additional cost for years to come; giving us loads of reasons to return.


Zoot suit on Joe Fixit

First shown behind closed doors at San Diego Comic-Con, one of Hulk’s outfits that players can earn will be Joe Fixit, an iteration of the Super Hero with tinted flesh and – more impressively – a fabulous zoot suit and fedora!


But that’s not all, true believers!

We’ll be announcing incredible exclusives, ultimate gaming opportunities, money-can’t-buy experiences, in-game perks, surprises, competitions, plus loads more super Marvel’s Avengers stuff very, very soon.


Stay tuned for more announcements, plus keep your eyes firmly fixed on the Marvel’s Avengers hub for the latest news, trailers and updates.


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