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We got the developers behind Marvel’s Avengers to talk through 18-minutes of gameplay footage and reveal some secrets

Marvel’s Avengers game

When Marvel’s Avengers was announced in January 2017, the world went nuts! And every subsequent reveal has sent the internet into meltdown – but none so much as the 18-minute gameplay video showing off the game’s prologue, which allowed you to instantly take command of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk and Black Widow – plus get a sneak peek at Kamala Khan.


As part of our exclusive partnership with the game, we got Morgan Gray, Executive Producer, Brandon Fernandez, Game Director and Vince Napoli, Lead Combat Designer, to give their full world exclusive commentary on the video. Apart from revealing game secrets, it’s a unique opportunity to enjoy the wonderful piece of gameplay in the company of some of the people who made it.


Watch the full video below, and then read on for the ten massive Marvel’s Avengers insights we learnt.


1. Captain America was almost the first hero you played

“One of the fun things for us was to figure out which character we’d want the player to play first. We went back-and-forth tonnes of times. It originally was Cap. But for story reasons… we decided on Thor.”


2. Mjölnir is like an extra character

“You can see Thor’s ability to throw the hammer, pin an enemy, recall the hammer, bring it back, take another enemy, send them sailing out into the bay. There’s a lot of fun interplay between what Thor can do with hammer in hand and with hammer outside of his hands in terms of hand-to-hand combat, which really makes him an exciting character.”


3. The challenge with Iron Man is that he’s a double threat

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“Iron Man was a great challenge in that [he has] a sense mastery of the air and ground. So, starting with flight, we really wanted to capture his ability to attack while on the go as well as a more controlled air combat. [We’re] only showcasing repulsors, but we also have other gear that he can switch out to, to shoot on the fly.”


4. Flying heroes have some overlap in their abilities

“There’s a lot of overlap right between Iron Man’s in-air ground ability and Thor’s in-air ground ability. The flyer class of heroes for us all [have] that freedom of transitioning from the ground to the air and back-and-forth free-flying.”


5. Hulk grabbing enemies has its own skill tree

“Hulk is all about using the environment and using his enemies as his weapon. As you’ll see here, the ability to grab a single enemy, use him as an attack, grab two enemies, slam them together... how you choose to weaponise what types of enemies grab will actually change the moves.”


6. Multiplayer is a balancing act

“One of the cool things about the traversal is in a multiplayer context. We’ve got guys that can fly, Hulk’s bounding… but we had to solve a lot of problems about how [we] keep a team together when they have such a wide variety of ways they can just move through the world, let alone how they fight.”


7. A major narrative theme is teased

“That concept of the heroes being separated, not working cohesively together is actually one of the narrative threads of the game that sort of gets revisited… they’re stronger together than they are apart.”


8. We see Ms. Marvel’s origin story in the game’s opening

“There’s a sneak peek for a rather young version of an Avenger that’s going to be very prominent in the game [when Kamala Khan inhales the Terrigen Mist]. Spoilers: Terrigen makes Inhumans; Kamala Khan’s an Inhuman. It’s going to be very exciting that we’re tying in this moment in Avengers history with the birth of Kamala Khan as a young Super Hero. She’s gonna be very prominent as the narrative picks up post this event in our game proper.”


9. The hardest sequence was Taskmaster v Black Window

“There’s a lot that we had to keep in mind when we were building the full sequence of this entire beginning of our game, the logistics of which Avenger would come when and what they were doing, how we’d come back to them. When we return to the bridge, we really wanted to make sure we’re amplifying the destruction. [And] it was just a lot of fun to sort of script out this back-and-forth sequence between the Avengers and the mercenaries.”


10. A lot of work went into the boss fights

“This is actually one of the toughest balancing acts for us because we have a boss fight at the end of the first level of the game. We know players are just learning their heroes, just trying to figure it out. But also, that boss needs to be thrilling and exciting and deep and difficult but not too difficult… but not too easy. It’s a big balancing act for us and as we work on finishing the game, there’s gonna be a lot of focus on each and every one of the boss fights to make sure we’re striking the right balance of aspiration and playability.”


But that’s not all, Marvel’s Avengers fans!

Stay tuned for more announcements, plus keep your eyes firmly fixed on our Marvel’s Avengers hub for the latest select news, trailers and updates.


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