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Want your broadband to work harder, better, faster, stronger? Here’s how to make it happen with our handy hacks

By Virgin TV Edit

“What’s the WiFi password?” Is this not the most uttered question of the last 20 years? Sharing a WiFi password is a new love language – it’s the key to hearts (and devices) all over the world. That’s why you need broadband that gets you, that only quits when you do, the kind you can embark on a very long, happy and successful relationship with.


Follow our step-by-step guide to get the best out of your broadband and you’ll develop a deep, stable connection in no time. Ring your friends and family, this is real love!

Want even more top tips?

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Stay connected

From handy show recommendations to little WiFi wins, we’re bringing together a few things to help make more time at home feel a bit easier.

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