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The new function on Virgin TV 360 clears the oldest stuff on your box. Check out how to set it up

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While the Virgin TV 360 box has enough hard disk space to save oodles of your favourite shows and movies for you to watch when you want, there comes a point when you’ll need to clear some room. But don’t worry, because a handy new feature will do it for you.


If you’re running low on space, the new Auto-delete feature on the 360 box will automatically delete the oldest content to create space for new recordings. If you’re worried that means it’ll delete an ancient episode of Bake Off you wanted to keep, fear not. You can switch the Auto-delete function on or off, and there’s a simple way to keep the content you love protected.


Here’s how to get started and how to make sure your favourite series are safe…


How does Auto-delete choose what to delete?

A. If the hard disk is full, or nearly full, and space is required for new recordings, your unprotected recordings will be selected to be deleted to create space for a new recording.

B. First, recordings that have been watched, starting with the oldest through to newest will be deleted.


C. If there are no more watched recordings to delete and space is still required, unwatched recordings will be deleted, oldest to newest.

D. Any content you are currently watching will not be deleted. 

E. If all content is protected and the hard-disk is full, new recordings will fail until space is made available.


How to turn Auto-delete on or off

A. Go to your Saved Recordings > See All list and select Manage Storage.

B. For the Auto-delete when space needed setting, choose On or Off.


How to protect specific shows from being deleted

A. When Auto-delete is turned on, you can protect an entire show, but not individual episodes.

B. To do this, go to your Saved Recordings > See All list and highlight the show you want to protect.

C. Move over and select the pencil icon (edit) to the right of the show.

D. Highlight the Protect from auto-delete option and choose Yes (to protect) or No (not to protect). 


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HD: HD TV set, V HD Box, TiVo box, Virgin TV V6 box or Virgin TV 360 box connected with HDMI cables required for HD channels. Number of inclusive HD channels depends on package.

Virgin TV 360 Box: Minimum of M50 Fibre Broadband required for operation. Boxes require a HDMI cable to connect to your TV.