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Say it, see it. Discover how to quickly find a programme, open apps like BBC iPlayer or hop to a channel just by using your voice

By Virgin Media

When was the last time your telly paid attention to what you said? If you watch football, it’s likely the answer to that question is “never, even when I yell”. But with Virgin TV 360, your voice is once again a force to be reckoned with. Simply hold the microphone button on your 360 remote and tell your box what to do.


It won’t get that player sent off for a blatant foul (although we’re working on that!), but you can get to live TV, Box Sets, integrated apps and recordings, just by talking. There might even be a few hidden surprises in there…


There are so many functions and useful tools available just by talking. Have a play around and see how it responds to your commands. But here are some useful ones you might want to give a go first:


How can I ask Virgin TV 360 to open my app?

Whether you want to get stuck into a series on Prime Video, or rent a film on Store, to open an integrated app, hold the mic button and say its name.


Try saying: “iPlayer” to go to BBC iPlayer

Try saying: “Box Sets” to go to On Demand

Try saying: “VM Store” to go to the Virgin Media Store


How can I ask Virgin TV 360 to go to a channel?

It’s easy to find your favourite channels in the Guide. But if you know Bake Off is about to start on Channel 4, just bellow the channel’s name. Bellowing is optional.


Try saying: “Channel 4 plus one” to go to Channel +1

Try saying: “BT Sport” to go to BT Sport 1 HD/SD

Try saying: “Absolute eighties” to go to Absolute Radio 80s


How can I ask Virgin TV 360 to find a TV show?

If you’re looking for your favourite TV show or film, use your voice. If it’s on TV, in On Demand, Catch Up or one of your integrated apps, we’ll find it for you.


Try saying: “Taskmaster” to find Taskmaster

Try saying: “Ben Fogle” to find shows featuring Ben Fogle

Try saying: “Mean Girls” to find Mean Girls


How can I ask Virgin TV 360 to find a specific genre?

If you’re on the hunt to keep your kids entertained (say: “Kids’ shows”), or you’re in the need for some speed (say: “Formula One”), there’s a genre for everyone.


Try saying: “Hospital dramas”

Try saying: “Reality TV”

Try saying: “Football”


How can I ask Virgin TV 360 to find my recordings?

If you’ve saved up something for a rainy day, it’s easy to use your voice to find your recordings. It’s up to you to get the duvet to accompany you on the sofa, though.


Try saying: “My shows”

Try saying: “Go to recordings”

Try saying: “Recorded programmes”


Once you’re watching, there’s loads you can try saying. Along with expected stuff like “Play” or “Go back to live TV”, have a play around to see what else you can do.


Try saying: “From the beginning” to restart your programme

Try saying: “I’ve already seen this one” to skip to the next episode in a series

Try saying: “I need the toilet” to, ahem, pause


How can I ask Virgin TV 360 to save a TV show?

If you want to add something to your Watch list to watch at a later date, you don’t need to ask us twice. Press the mic button on your telly box now.


Try saying: “Add to Watchlist”

Try saying: “Save”

Try saying: “Add to My Shows”


You can also go to your Watch list at any point.


Try saying: “Show my Watchlist”

Try saying: “Go to Watchlist”

Try saying: “Watchlist”


How can I ask Virgin TV 360 to get information about a TV show?

Not sure what’s going on? We’ll do our best to help you out if you hold the mic button and ask for “Information”. Unless it’s Line of Duty. You’re on your own there.


Try saying: “Info”

Try saying: “Information”


How can I ask Virgin TV 360 to switch on subtitles or audio description?

Your Virgin TV 360 box is loaded with accessibility options. You can use the Context button on your remote, or try saying some of these.


Try saying: “Audio description on”

Try saying: “Switch on audio description”

Try saying: “Subtitles on”


How can I ask Virgin TV 360 to switch off?

Yes, the Virgin TV 360 remote has a Power button. And yes, you could also tell it to “turn off”. Then again, you might want to see how else you can get it to switch off.


Try saying: “Off”

Try saying: “Bye bye”

Try saying: “Get lost”


Want even more Virgin TV 360 tips?

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TV channels: Channels, content and features available depend on your chosen package. Channel line-ups and content are subject to change at any time and to regional variations.

HD: HD TV required to view HD channels. Number of inclusive HD channels depends on package.

Virgin TV 360 Box: Minimum of M50 Fibre Broadband required for operation. Boxes require a HDMI cable to connect to your TV.

Amazon Prime Video: Amazon Prime subscription required at extra cost. 18+. Click here for T&Cs.