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Call Of Duty: Warzone: cheat sheet

Call Of Duty: Warzone: cheat sheet


We take a look at all the main talking points about the recent Season 5 update as players drop back into Verdansk for more action-packed mayhem!

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Just when you thought dropping into the fictional city of Verdansk couldn’t get any crazier or insatiably addictive, the boffs over at Infinity Ward have only gone and shaken up the formula (albeit slightly) with last week’s Season 5 update.


New operatives, areas and features await players returning to the city’s rubbly streets for the first time since the update dropped last week. Curious to see what lies in store? Simply read on to find out all you need to know… 

A whole new world… (possibly…)

By far the juiciest take from last week’s update and ensuing whirlwind of internet rumours are the revelations that players may be treated to a new map at some point during Season 5. Hawk-eyed fans noticed a mysterious city of Urzikstan to the north west of Verdansk when the game first launched. And, with Verdansk taking a battering over the past five seasons, some have speculated that a sandstorm could soon trap players in Urzikstan.


Map changes

The new train in COD Warzone

Who doesn’t love virtual trains? Infinity Ward clearly do, because they’ve only gone and added one to the map! Though landing (and riding) said train is nowhere near as easy it sounds, it offers an interesting new strategy for players as it rolls around the map.


Other new additions are Stadium and Train Station being opened up for players at long last, allowing whole new areas in which to cause absolute chaos. Those, combined with the next new Season 5 feature, provide the latest overhaul to the game’s obstacles for players to wrap their heads around…


New loot locations

Updated loot locations ensure veterans of the game will have to get remembering and rethinking a whole new host of treasure troves and tactics, as the locations, likelihood, variants and more have all had a re-jig with Season 5.


New game modes

A deceptively cute sounding “Mini Royale” mode has now been added. In essence, it’s the same Battle Royale formula, but with fewer operators and a far, far more rapid regression in the map’s size. You know the absolute mayhem of a game’s first and final five minutes? Imagine that… all the time. Terrifying? Yes. Amazing? Yes.


Also rumoured to be in the pipeline later on in Season 5 are a multitude of other new game modes, such as Battle Royale “Claustrophobia” (map shrinks faster), Battle Royale One-Shot (one shot headshots and no loadout drops), a realism mode, and a hardcore mode for both Battle Royale and Plunder.


New operatives

Give a hearty handshake and an awkward, overly friendly greeting to Shadow Company, the new trio of operative available in Season 5! Lerch, “Roze” and Velikan are the first of what is rumoured to be many more Shadow Company team members to drop into Verdansk, and offer an array of satisfying means of disposing of your enemies.

When can I play Season 5 of Call Of Duty: Warzone?

Season 5 of Call Of Duty: Warzone is available to play now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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