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New on Netflix in August

New on Netflix in August


Here’s all the very best TV shows and movies coming to Netflix this August, including the returns of Emily In Paris and The Umbrella Academy

By Simon Ward, Content Director

From the returns of favourites like Emily In Paris, The Umbrella Academy and Rob Lowe comedy Unstable to the hot new series KAOS, starring Jeff Goldblum and from The End Of The F***ing World creator Charlie Covell, Netflix truly has you covered this August.


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Here’s all you need to know about the best TV show and film releases on Netflix in August 2024…



Find season 2 in Apps > Netflix from Thursday 1 August. Season 1 is available now

Rob Lowe and John Owen Lowe are the stars, creators and real-life father-and-son duo behind the hilarious Unstable. The first season concluded with them closer than ever after tech billionaire Ellis Dragon (Rob) saw off a corporate coup with his son Jackson’s (John) help, and now Ellis wants to see if Jackson has what it takes to take over his empire through a series of mind games and challenges. Y’know, in a mentally healthy way. Fleabag’s Sian Clifford also stars as the scene-stealing CFO Anna.


Rebel Moon – Chapters One & Part Two: Director’s Cut

Find it in Apps > Netflix from Friday 2 August

If there’s one thing that visionary director Zack Snyder loves, it’s a slow-motion action scene. If there’s a second thing he loves, it’s a Director’s Cut. Fans have been clamouring to delve deeper into this epic sci-fi saga since the two Rebel Moon films were released in 2023 and early 2024 respectively, and they have finally got their wish with the release of Director’s Cuts for both Chapter One: Chalice of Blood and Chapter Two: Curse of Forgiveness. Buckle up for serious sci-fi action.


Saving Bikini Bottom: The Sandy Cheeks Movie

Find it in Apps > Netflix from Friday 2 August

If you want to feel old, SpongeBob SquarePants first aired in 2000. Blimey, indeed. Almost a quarter of century later, the sponge does not get top billing in his newest movie. That belongs to the plucky maritime rodent Sandy Cheeks, who is off on a quest with SpongeBob. When Bikini Bottom and all its denizens are scooped out of the ocean, everyone’s favourite squirrel saddles up to save her adopted Texas hometown from a villainous plot. If it’s anything like SpongeBob’s movies, expect surrealism and plenty of laughs.


Gabby’s Dollhouse

Find season 10 in Apps > Netflix from Monday 5 August. Seasons 1-9 are available now

When you were a kid, your dollhouse was probably far nicer than your actual home. Well, certainly tidier and cleaner than your room at least. So, the idea that you could magically shrink down and play in it has probably appeared in a fair few of our dreams. For Gabby, that dream is her reality. Add in cats, and it feels like the creators of this DreamWorks show have raided our childhood diaries. This new season sees the introduction of Gabby’s newest kitty friend, Marty the Party Cat.


Love Is Blind UK

Find season 1 in Apps > Netflix from Wednesday 7 August

The wait is finally over, with the launch of the UK edition of the unconventional approach to modern dating, where singletons form emotional bonds without ever laying eyes on their potential partner. But once they finally meet face-to-face, will their physical connection match their expectations as they move towards – yep – their wedding day? The format remains as good as ever (there’s a reason why there has been so many worldwide versions of this show). Husband and wife Matt and Emma Willis host.


The Umbrella Academy

Find season 4 in Apps > Netflix from Thursday 8 August. Seasons 1-3 are available now

“It all comes down to this” is normally the phrase that prefaces any final season of a TV show. So… it all comes down to this in the final season of The Umbrella Academy. We don’t want to spoil the show if you’ve not seen the climax of season 3 (or if you’ve not seen it at all), but with a great reckoning coming and strange new forces conspiring around them, the Hargreeves siblings of the Umbrella Academy must come together one last time to finally set things right. Elliot Page, Tom Hopper and David Castañeda star.


Blue Ribbon Baking Championship

Find season 1 in Apps > Netflix from Friday 9 August

We might think we invented bake offs, but for more than 100 years, America’s state fairs have attracted the most wildly talented bakers across the United States. Now, for the first time, Blue Ribbon-winning bakers from state fairs across the nation get the chance to compete against each other in the Blue Ribbon Baking Championship with a cool $100k on offer to the winner. But as with the other baking show, it’s the chance to call yourself the best baker that’s the real prize all the contestants want.


Emily In Paris

Find season 4 part 1 in Apps > Netflix from Thursday 15 August. Seasons 1-3 are available now

According to the Emily In Paris cast, the newest season is “heartbreaking”, “chaotic”, “fashionable” and “adventurous”. Oh, and “revenge” is also mentioned… So, the usual mix of smooth sailing and rough waters for Lily Collins’ fashionista Emily then? Season 3 ended on a dramatic note at Camille and Gabriel’s misbegotten wedding, with the ex-pair now expecting a baby. Season 4 has plenty more twists, including Emily venturing out of her beloved Paris to go on an Italian adventure. Will star-crossed lovers Emily and Gabriel finally get together? Or will more secrets derail their potential happily ever after?


The Union

Find it in Apps > Netflix from Friday 16 August

Action fans, get ready, as Mark Wahlberg teams up with Halle Berry for a high school reunion like no other. Mike (Wahlberg) is a down-to-earth construction worker from New Jersey who is thrust into the world of spies and secret agents when his high school sweetheart Roxanne (Halle Berry) re-enters his life and recruits him for a high-stakes US intelligence mission. Will they rekindle their romance where they left off after all these years? First things first. They need to stay alive…


Secret Lives Of Orangutans

Find it in Apps > Netflix from Friday 16 August

“Narrated by David Attenborough” always makes viewers sit up and pay attention. But there’s another reason you should be watching, because orangutans are not just one of our closest relatives – they’re perhaps more relatable to us than any other great ape. This extraordinary film follows a group of orangutans in the pristine jungles of Sumatra. At the centre of this story is eight-year-old Eden, who’s about to embark on the most challenging moment of her life.



Find it in Apps > Netflix from Friday 23 August

Classic high-school-movie vibes feature heavily in the feature directorial debut of Dave and John Chernin (who wrote for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and created The Mick) as four freshmen are faced with the greatest challenge of their young lives: their first high-school party. With such wide-ranging influences as Fast Times At Ridgemont High, Can’t Hardly Wait and Superbad, it’ll either make you wish you were back in school, or possibly quite glad that you aren’t…



Find season 1 in Apps > Netflix from Thursday 29 August

From The End Of The F***ing World creator Charlie Covell and starring Jeff Goldblum as the all-powerful king of the gods, Zeus, this might be one of the most anticipated TV shows of 2024. Zeus has long enjoyed his status on top, until he wakes up one morning and discovers a wrinkle on his forehead. It sets him off on a dangerous, paranoid path where he becomes convinced his fall is coming – and starts to see signs of it everywhere. And the thing is… he might be right.


Terminator Zero

Find season 1 in Apps > Netflix from Thursday 29 August

Landing on the anniversary of Judgment Day, the all-out war between humanity and machines continues in this eight-episode anime series, based in the Terminator universe but telling the story of characters we have yet to meet. A soldier is sent back to 1997 (the year of Judgment Day) to protect a scientist working on an AI system to compete with Skynet’s impending attack. But he’s being hunted by an unrelenting assassin from the future, which forever alters the fate of his three children. Timothy Olyphant, Rosario Dawson, André Holland and Sonoya Mizuno provide the voices.


What else is new on Netflix: August 2024

  • Mon Laferte, Te Amo – Thursday 1 August
  • Shahmaran (season 3) – Thursday 8 August
  • Daughters – Wednesday 14 August
  • Worst Ex Ever (season 1) – Wednesday 14 August
  • CoComelon Lane (season 3) – Monday 19 August
  • Nice Girls – Wednesday 21 August
  • GG Precinct (season 1) – Thursday 22 August
  • Baby Fever (season 2) – Thursday 22 August
  • Represent (season 2) – Thursday 29 August
  • Chastity High (season 1) – Thursday 29 August
  • Breathless (season 1) – Friday 30 August
  • The Deliverance – Friday 30 August


How to watch Netflix with Virgin TV

If you have a Virgin TV 360 box or Stream from Virgin Media, there are four ways to navigate to the Netflix app:


1. Use your voice

A. Just press and hold the voice button and say “Netflix” to open the app.


2. Via the app section

A. Press Home.

B. Go to the right and select Apps.

C. Select Netflix in the Apps screen.


3. Via channel 204 if you’re a Virgin TV 360 customer

A. Tuning to this channel automatically launches Netflix.


4. Navigating down to the Netflix icon in the homepage if you are a Stream customer


To search for Netflix content on your Virgin TV 360 and Stream from Virgin Media, select the Search icon from any full screen menu. Enter your Search term using the on-screen keyboard. Press back and then right to highlight the “All” filter. Press OK and select Netflix. You can now view and select from the Netflix results for your search term.


To access Netflix if you have a TiVo® box or Virgin TV V6 box, powered by TiVo®:


Press home on your remote

Select Apps & Games

Select All Apps

Select Netflix


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