What’s the best browser for streaming videos?

Get the most out of your film or TV bingeing sessions by choosing the best browser for streaming. Let’s see which ones are available and why you should use them…

Best browsers for streaming movies in HD

When it comes to streaming movies in high definition or HD, the most important factor is choosing a good browser that supports this. With a HD compatible web browser, you’ll get crystal clear quality and an all-round better viewing experience.

So what are some of the best browsers that will display movies in HD?

Safari for macOS users is the default web browser on all Macbooks, iMacs, iPhones and iPads regardless of what operating system they run on.

And for Windows users, Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer are the ones to use as all three web browsers support 1080p resolution. 1080p refers to the number of dots or pixels that an image contains – a higher number always guarantees a better picture quality. With these browsers you’ll be able to stream your favourite action movies, addictive boxsets or online videos without compromising on image quality.

For those with HD monitors, using Edge, Explorer or Safari will give you an optimal viewing experience when you want to see every single detail of the CGI in the latest blockbuster. If you’re wondering about the ever-popular Google Chrome, although it’s efficient and quick to load, it only streams at 720p – the same is true of Firefox and Opera.

Best browsers for faster video streaming

Burn through as many episodes from your latest (and greatest?) boxset binge with the right desktop browser. Choosing one that will give you fast internet streaming, like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, will keep your entertainment needs topped up.

With Google Chrome, which has been heralded as the browser of all browsers when it comes to speed, you’re sure to get a great streaming experience. Your videos will load in a flash (not literally) so you and the family can put your feet up and get lost in the next instalment of whatever you’re about to watch.

Microsoft Edge, though, is another contender for best web browsers with its speedy streaming. Its performance has been known to match or beat the frontrunner, Chrome. Notably, Mozilla Firefox and Opera lag behind so stick with either Chrome or Edge on your movie nights and you won’t be disappointed.


Best browsers for saving battery when streaming

The best part of getting a new laptop, regardless of the make and model, is that the battery lasts quite a while when fully charged. Naturally with age and time your battery relies on the charger a lot more. To help keep your battery performing well, you should use a browser that won’t zap the life out of your device when you’re streaming. We’ve ranked the best web browsers to use in order of battery-saving magic.

  1. Edge: it’s available on Windows and brings you good performance, security and privacy. The icon is a blue letter ‘e’ – but it isn’t the same application as Internet Explorer.
  2. Opera: developed by Opera Software, this browser is fast without killing your device’s power – and it doesn’t compromise on performance either.
  3. Firefox: a good browser that has the ability to do what you need it to with little impact on your battery usage.
  4. Chrome: despite its speed and performance, using this for streaming will drain your battery very quickly. It’s a well-known issue.

So which browsers should I really consider?

Now that we’ve talked about the best browsers for streaming in HD, fast-loading browsers or ones that won’t drain your battery, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of different web browsers…

Top tips for better browser streaming in 2021

As we’ve explored the benefits of using a good browser for all your online needs, here’s a quick round-up of tips to get the best performance when streaming online:

• Turn off or disconnect other devices that use your home broadband. Too many devices connected can clog the signal, leaving you with slow-performing WiFi.
• Use an Ethernet cable instead of WiFi. You’ll get the best performance if you connect your device this way, especially if you’re going for a big streaming or gaming session. The cable will offer a direct-wired connection from your router to your device, allowing you to stream without any WiFi issues.
• Download videos. Although streaming on the go is achievable sometimes, you could always download the file onto your playback device or to one of the streaming platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime. You’ll be able to watch the video whenever you want and you won’t have to wait for it to load.

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