Parental controls
hints and tips

Modern technology is a wondrous thing that captivates our children for all the right reasons, but it can have its darker aspects, too. So let’s be positive and take control with these straightforward guides and advice.

Parental controls for Facebook

You’ll definitely like being in control of the most well-known social media apps in the world.

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Parental controls for Instagram

Make the hugely popular photo and video-sharing platform safe for your family.

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Parental controls for YouTube

Practical tips and hints around how to make the video sharing site safe for kids.

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Parental controls for WhatsApp

WhatsApp is an incredibly accessible way to communicate, but let’s make it safe too.

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Parental controls for TikTok

Time to get in synch with the video-sharing app that kids can’t get enough of.

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Parental controls for Snapchat

Nervous about your kids’ safety on Snapchat? It’s time to allay your fears.

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Parental controls for Netflix

Watch out for your children by taking full family control of the popular streaming app.

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Parental controls for Fortnite

Win the battle against Fortnite’s free-for-all, multiplayer, online nature with this guide.

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Parental controls for iPhone

We consider the challenges of iPhones and how parents can make them safe as well as fun.

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Parental controls for Android

Apply some parental controls to the Android devices in your home with these tips.

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Parental controls for iPad

Screens are a wondrous explorational tool: make them safe too with these pointers.

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Parental controls for Nintendo

Explore the games you love while knowing everyone is safe, using these handy tips.

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