Where was Father Ted filmed?

A catholic priest may not seem like the funniest of sitcom characters, but when you stick him on an island full of eccentric characters, you have the premise of one of the 90s best-loved sitcoms.

While Father Ted may have been sent to the island as a punishment, there’s no denying that Craggy Island has natural beauty and filming locations you’ll want to visit. So, hop on over to Ireland and you can track the famous priest.

Find out below where Father Ted was filmed.

Father Ted filming locations: Glenquin Farmhouse, Lackareagh, County Clare

Father Ted filming locations: Aillwee Cave, Burren, County Clare

Season three’s episode set in the Very Dark Caves was filmed in Aillwee Cave. Aillwee is a popular tourist attraction. You can take a guided tour through the underground caverns. You’ll be pleased to hear, they are very well lit.

Father Ted filming locations: Fanore Caravan Park, Murroogh, County Clare

If you want to holiday at the same place as Ted and Dougal, book a spot at the Fanore Caravan Park. In this fan favourite episode, their holiday goes very wrong but, rest assured, the site is beautiful in real life and sits on a long sandy beach. Just make sure you don’t wander into the wrong caravan…

Father Ted filming locations: Ennistymon, County Clare

When Father Ted visited the mainland, filming took place in the market town of Ennistymon. A few shop fronts were used to represent the opticians and the location of the AA meeting. Father Jack also wanders into Nagle’s Bar, which can be found on Main Street.

Father Ted filming locations: Vaughan's Pub, Kilfenora, County Clare

Interior and exterior shots of Ted’s local pub were filmed in Vaughan’s Pub in Kilfenora. This pub is over 300 years old. It was featured in a few episodes of the show, with the real barman even having a line in one scene. The pub is very proud of its connection to the show. You'll spot it from the themed signs outside. It even takes part in the annual Father Ted Festival which brings fans from around the world to Kilfenora.

Father Ted filming locations: Dunnes, Ennis, County Clare

A Christmassy Ted saw Ted, Dougal, and six other priests get lost in Ireland’s Biggest Lingerie Department. Filming for these dramatic scenes was completed in Dunnes department store in Ennis, where you’ll find everything from groceries to homeware but, sadly, an average-sized lingerie department.

Father Ted filming locations: Aran Islands, County Galway

Since Craggy Island is fictional, the crew had to find some suitably isolated-looking islands for the opening credits. You can get to this group of three islands by ferry from Rossaveal. They lend their name to Aran sweaters whose distinctive look comes from historic styles, with each clan having its own design.