Where was Gangs of London filmed?

Where was Gangs of London filmed?

Those filming locations for Gangs of London have been revealed

A gritty crime drama focused on gang warfare in the capital, Gangs of London is packed with tension, high-stakes rivalries, and unflinchingly violent scenes.

When London’s most powerful criminal boss dies, it leaves a power vacuum that the capital’s gangs are fighting to fill, all while under investigation by an undercover officer. As the title suggests, a lot of Gangs of London was filmed in the city, though there are scenes that meant leaving town.

Set against the iconic London skyline, read on to find out some of the filming locations for this dark video-game-inspired seri

Gangs of London filming locations: Meanwhile Gardens, North Kensington

When choosing filming locations, the Gangs of London crew wanted to avoid the familiar landmarks and focus on the city’s more gritty and realistic side. Meanwhile Gardens is an urban park built on derelict land in the 1970s. It’s surrounded by high rise flats. One of the most famous is the Trellick Tower, which has suitably brutalist architecture to match the show’s style. While it looks gloomy on film, this park is actually a nice leafy place to take a stroll and enjoy the gardens and playground

Gangs of London filming locations: Horseshoe Pub, Clerkenwell Close

An early scene in the show involves a crime boss’s wake. This was filmed in the historic Horseshoe Pub in Clerkenwell Close. In the show, the wake turns into a brutal fight that spills out into the pub’s garden. Although it’s gruesome, they deserve top marks for creativity in using darts and ashtrays as makeshift weapons. If you visit the Horseshoe in real life, the atmosphere is much friendlier.

Gangs of London filming locations: St Clere Estate, Kemsing, Kent

The grounds of this estate were used to create a backdrop for the Welsh travellers’ site. The St Clere Estate is a beautiful 17th-century country house, which couldn’t be further from the gritty world of London gangs, but the lush green gardens around the house were perfect to transform into a rural caravan park.

Gangs of London filming locations: Queen Elizabeth II Bridge, Dartford, Kent

During a dramatic speedboat scene on The Thames, you’ll see the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge in the background. Also known as the Dartford Bridge, it connects Kent with Essex. You have stunning views of the river when you drive across. The nearby banks of the Dartford Marshes were used as the landing place of the boat and the drug delivery spot.

Gangs of London filming locations: Dragon Studios, Llanharan, Bridgend

You’ll be pleased to know that the dilapidated house where Kinney, Darren, and Mal meet up was actually a set. Just as well, since it ended up being blown to smithereens. The set was built at Dragon Studios in the small town of Llanharan, close to Cardiff. The house was also the backdrop of one of the most memorable scenes that involve a worm and a bullet wound, so we’ll understand if you’ve blocked the episode from your memory.