Where was Marcella filmed?

Discover Marcella’s key filming locations

Created by Hans Rosenfeldt (The Bridge), ITV’s Marcella is a British crime drama with a Scandinavian feel. We follow troubled detective Marcella Backland – Anna Friel – as she tracks down serial killers while battling her own psychological demons and trying to deal with the breakdown of her marriage. With its twisty-turny plot and bleak subject matter, Marcella is a firm favourite with lovers of dark police procedurals.

The first two seasons of Marcella are set in London. In season three, the action moves to Belfast as Marcella goes undercover with a prominent Northern Irish crime family. With its focus on setting and its rich atmosphere, the series incorporates plenty of local detail from both cities.

Here are just some of the locations that feature in Marcella.

Marcella filming locations: Evelyn Grace Academy, Brixton

Designed by legendary architect Zaha Hadid, Evelyn Grace Academy appears in season two of Marcella as the school attended by her son Edward. This innovative secondary school was founded in 2008.

Marcella filming locations: Glamis Estate Rooftop, Tower Hamlets

Season two opens with a characteristically tense night-time scene on the rooftop at Glamis Estate. This popular filming site has a spectacular view over London at any time of day.

Marcella filming locations: Healthy Eaters, Brixton

Marcella’s prime suspect in season one is a convicted murderer who works at a bakery on day release. The bakery scenes were filmed at much-loved Jamaican restaurant Healthy Eaters on Electric Avenue in Brixton.

Marcella filming locations: Brixton Market

Brixton Market is a fixture in Marcella season one. This indoor and outdoor market complex on Electric Avenue has stalls offering fresh produce, meat and poultry, African and Caribbean groceries and a whole range of international food and drink options.

Marcella filming locations: Mornington Crescent, Camden

Camden’s Mornington Crescent is the site of a gruesome discovery in season two of Marcella. Dating from the 1820s, this famous London street has been home to artists including Spencer Gore and Walter Sickert, himself a suspect in the Jack the Ripper murders. The former Carreras cigarette factory, with its neo-Egyptian details and its statues of the cat goddess Bastet, is a striking landmark.

Marcella filming locations: Larchfield Estate, Lisburn

In season three, we see Marcella as her alter ego Keira Devlin, embedded in the Maguire crime family in Northern Ireland. Standing in for the Maguires’ splendid house is Larchfield House in Lisburn, just outside Belfast. Built in the 1750s by the wealthy Mussenden family, Larchfield is a popular venue for events and weddings.

Marcella filming locations: Harland and Wolff Shipyard, Belfast

Shipbuilding is one of Belfast’s most famous historic industries. Parts of Marcella season three were filmed at the Harland and Wolff shipyard, where the Titanic was built. Harland and Wolff is still operational, but these days its main focus is offshore renewable energy.

Marcella filming locations: Stormont Hotel, Belfast

The four-star Stormont Hotel in central Belfast is one of season three’s most striking locations. This modern glass-fronted building has a beautiful view over the Stormont Estate, where the Northern Irish Office is headquartered.