Where was Midsomer Murders filmed?

Midsomer Murders filming locations investigated

The county of Midsomer is a dangerous place to be. Despite its picturesque countryside, the local villages have murder rates that are higher than the whole of the USA, and there are only two local detectives to investigate.

Midsomer Murders has been a staple of British TV since 1997 with a whopping 22 seasons. While the detectives occasionally venture overseas, most of the show is filmed in rural areas and towns in southeast England.

We’ve done some sleuthing of our own and tracked down some of Midsomer Murders’ filming locations.

Midsomer Murders filming locations: County Hall, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey

Causton, where many episodes are set, is a fictional village shot in several locations, mostly Surrey and Oxfordshire. The old County Hall in Kingston-upon-Thames became Causton Crown Court. The old courtroom is perfect for trial scenes.

Midsomer Murders filming locations: River Thames, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire

The annual Henley Royal Regatta created the perfect backdrop for the Midsomer Regatta which, unlike the fun family day of the real regatta, ended in murder. Filming took place on Henley Bridge No 2, and the nearby riverbanks.

Midsomer Murders filming locations: Market Square, Wallingford, Oxfordshire

Wallingford was one of the first locations used for Causton. Fans of Midsomer Murders may recognise the cobbled Market Square, which has featured in many episodes. On the square, you’ll find the Corn Exchange, which has been used as Causton’s local theatre. This Grade II listed building dates to 1856 and hosts film screenings. Wallingford is generally a splendid destination for Midsomer Murders fans, with over 20 filming locations in this small town.

Midsomer Murders filming locations: The Six Bells, Warborough, Oxfordshire

The rustic thatched roof pub, The Black Swan in the fictional village of Badger’s Drift, is actually The Six Bells in the charming Oxfordshire village of Warborough. Dating to the 1600s, it’s a classic country pub with a log fire for cold days and a beer garden for the summer. Both interior and exterior have been used.

Midsomer Murders filming locations: Beaconsfield railway station, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire

The Midsomer Murders crew are often seen filming at Beaconsfield railway station, transformed into Causton railway station using temporary signage. Beaconsfield railway station is on the Chiltern Main Line. Trains run through the scenic Chiltern Hills nearby.

Midsomer Murders filming locations: Watlington Library, Watlington, Oxfordshire

If you want to check out Causton Library, it can be found in the small Oxfordshire town of Watlington. Watlington Library is on the High Street, which has also been seen in some Midsomer Murders episodes. Walk up the street to the Town Hall, which was once used as the location of a Perfect Village Competition

Midsomer Murders filming locations: White Waltham Airfield, White Waltham, Berkshire

When Midsomer Murders had an episode set in a flying club, they used White Waltham Airfield, a popular location for vintage air shows. Footage from the annual Retrofestival was even used. The airfield was a base for the Air Transport Auxiliary during WWII before being used by the RAF, then eventually becoming a private flying club.