WiFi and mobile hotspots

Need to get a device connected to the internet, but there’s no WiFi connection? You can use your smartphone to create a mobile hotspot. Here’s how…

What is a personal hotspot?

A mobile hotspot, sometimes called a personal hotspot, allows you to use your smartphone’s network connection as a WiFi transmitter for another device when you’re out and about. It is also referred to as “tethering”.


Why set up a personal hotspot?

Using a personal hotspot allows you to get productive on the move, or to kick back with some video watching between stops. You can easily set up your Apple, OPPO, Samsung, Sony or Huawei smartphone (available through Virgin Media with competitive data bundles) as a personal WiFi hotspot, by following our guides below.

It’s quite easy to set up a mobile hotspot from your smartphone – just go to your settings and follow the instructions. Don’t forget, using a mobile hotspot can drain your battery and mobile data, so either plug in, or don’t go crazy on the binge-watching.

How does a mobile hotspot work?

In order to create a decent WiFi hotpsot form your phone you will need a strong 3G, 4G or 5G network connection. As long as your phone has a steady connection, the mobile hotspot will convert your network data into a WiFi signal and then off you go.

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