Goals and performance

Our 2020 sustainability goals

We know that the one thing customers, experts and our people want to see from us is a long term plan.

That’s why, in 2015, we set five sustainability goals for the next five years. Each goal aligns to our vision of Digital that makes good things happen and progress against each goal is driven by the relevant Steering Committee.

Our ‘5 in 5’ sustainability goals will make sure we continue to grow our business in a way that’s good for people and the environment.

Our 2018 performance is for Virgin Media UK and Ireland.  We continue to further embed our Lower impact, Better products and Boosting business goals in Ireland



Performance against our goal sub targets in 2018

Transforming lives

Transform the lives of disadvantaged people through digital.


Lower Impact

Grow our business without increasing our carbon footprint.

Boosting business

Create the opportunities for 100,000 small businesses to grow through digital.

More inclusive

Nurture an engaged workforce which represents the diversity of our customers and communities.

Better products

Improve the sustainability performance of every new customer product.

2020 Goals roadmap

Take a look at our goals roadmap to understand what our plan is, for each goal, in 2018 and beyond.